Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time to Share Pictures

I joined a Yahoo Group dedicated to small quilts. The hostess issues a challenge every 2-3 months. This was their first challenge. All fabrics from my stash!

This is an itty-bitty Tumblers piece, finished about 15" square. I found a baggie with a lot of tiny tumblers already cut and three rows had been put together - so I sewed up the rest - and whalla - a tiny wall quilt. It is hand quilted - something I've not done in a long time.
Yes - another baggie with 50 cut Tumbler pieces - a tad bigger than the one above. This is machine pieced and quilted.
Broken Dishes blocks - also have a bag full of these. Machine pieced and quilted. Measures about 18 x 22".
And would you believe another baggie of blocks? Well yes - and there's more of these made up, too. Machine pieced and quilted.

Aren't baggies wonderful? Nice to have something quick to sew up when your in the mood. The only problem is, I'd forgotten about all these blocks and found them when I was looking for something - worse yet, I forgot now what it was I was looking for to begin with. Does this happen to anyone else?

Today is Chet's 71st birthday. We celebrated the day by going to Rushville and picking up three quilts I had at the longarm quilter gal. Stopped on the way home and bought sweet corn which he quickly cleaned. Made a stop at Long John Silver's for a fish sandwich - he loves fish. This evening he's gone to Bible Study group with "the boys." Tracy called this evening to wish him a Happy Birthday and he's gone - she'll call back tomorrow night.

Till next time - - take care.

(Hope this post stays as lined up as it is now - before I hit the "Publish Post" button!)

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Caro_Oz said...

Happy Birthay to Chet
Happy Birthay to Chet
Happy Birthay, Happy Birthay
Happy Birthay to youuuuuuuuu

Hope he liked the Aussie accent LOL

Joan enjoy reading your news and viewing your latest projects - even if I don't make comment every time ;0)