Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lovely Weather

Here we are at the end of the month and having lovely weather. It's so nice not to have to bundle up to run out to pick up the paper and the mail! I'd like to find someplace where it is in the low 70's all the time! Wouldn't that be grand - no AC or furnaces running! ! Chet's in 7th heaven doing the lawns - ours and the neighbors! We've managed to keep busy this week. I had a perm on Tuesday and had brunch with a friend on Wednesday and lunch with Mark on Friday. And of course the usual grocery store run. Before I went to lunch with Mark I bit the bullet and went to Wal Mart to pick up a few things. . . oh, I so dislike going there. The store was remodeled and now I can't find anything. . . I guess I don't go there often enough, eh?

Tracy and I chatted Monday night and all's as well as it can be there.

Mitch called Friday night while driving up to their cottage on the lake. He was going up to help his father-in-law with some trash hauling - last weekend they put a new roof on a building up there. While we were chatting three deer darted across the road - excitement a mother doesn't want to hear! All is well there, too. Mitch will be in Louisville, KY, on business late next week and decided to fly back a day later and some spend some time with us Friday night and part of Saturday.

Yesterday afternoon we went out to Mark's house - he hosted a Pirate theme party. I think there were between 45 and 50 people there - many in costumes - all sizes and ages. I came home with a tattoo transfer! I am not comfortable driving at night, so we left before dark and before the party got rowdy! Ahem!

Nate & Deanie were invited to Mark's party but they hadn't come by the time we left. So we need to contact him to tell them that Mitch will be here and they should plan to come, too.
I've kept busy at the sewing machine, The quilt shown is a "multi-fabric" baby quilt. I made it a while ago and just now got around to taking a picture. The back on this quilt is yellow with white polka dots - kind of perky!

I'm turning into a bag lady. These four purses were made this weekend. The first one is the same style as those I pictured last week. And the other three are from a pattern I found on the Internet. They are fun to do but after two it's a chore! I do like the perky colors - the white buttons are from my antique collection and the others are Wal Mart specials! ! !

Time to find something for our supper - so 'bye' till next week. . . .

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Uneventful Week

Another quiet week has passed. On Monday I went to Quilt Guild - I was so pathetically lazy and didn't even take anything for "Drag & Brag." We had a lesson on hand applique, try as I might, my leaves all look like they have a blight! Chatted with Tracy for quite a while and Mark stopped in briefly - he's always on the run. JD called - he was riding the bus to his apartment after classes.

It's "greening up" out of doors - see the ivy coming in around the birdbath. We don't put water in the birdbath - I usually have a plant of some type in there. Love the Ivy Geranium but they are difficult to find. But then I could get to the shops earlier, I guess! Can you tell I'm not a gardener - unlike the other sisters and brothers in my family! Chet mowed again this week - wasn't really necessary but he likes to ride around! He also does the neighbors yard - neighbor is in his 80's now and slowing down! This fella mowed our yard a couple of summers, so it's payback time! We have good neighbors and are thankful for them!

Our neighbor, Gary, (the one I keep trying to get to run away with me) has started heavy yard work - he trimmed one of the trees in his backyard yesterday. We have trees that need trimming but someone in this house seems to be anti-pruning! Won't he have an interesting look on his face when one of the bigger branches snap off during a storm this summer!

Niece Kelli (or was it Karri - I keep getting them mixed up) sent a photo of the quilt she just finished - isn't it gorgeous! Quilting keeps her and her mom busy quite a bit of the time and they both do lovely work. My quilting sisters make many donation quilts!

I decided to do the Small Quilts Talk (A Yahoo online group) challenge quilt - I'm late getting it done but thought I'd give it a whirl. Six blocks were more than enough for me. Each finished block measures only 4" - yes, it's a small one. Not too pleased with it - but it's finished and that's what counts!

Surfing the Internet for quilting and other sewing patterns seem to get me into trouble. I visit a blog and then they recommend another person's blog - and on and on it goes. I happened upon a fun and interesting one - and found a cute purse pattern there. I'm going to see if I can find some fabric and stitch it up. Also need to find some interfacing to give the bag a big of "beef"! I've added her website and also the to my blog lists. Many of my quilt patterns are from Quiltville. This gal also has a blog and tells of her travels around the country; she has a massive collection of sewing machines - just an interesting site to visit. I'm giving you fair warning - both of these sights can get you into trouble! But oh, so enjoyable!
Till next week - take care.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Greetings friends and relatives! I hope everyone is having a good relaxing day - and not over eating! No special plans here today. Mark stopped in yesterday with a pot of lovely white tulips! He's spending his day working at his home and getting ready for a party next weekend. Nate & Deanie & JD are spending the day with her family. Chatted with Tracy for quite a while the other evening - she's getting along fine. Kids are good and her work is hectic! Had an email from Mitch & Family - they didn't "say" anything but the photo below was attached. It's Paul after receiving awards for his participation in DECA. Congratulations Paul - we're very proud of you! (I'd like to say "doesn't he look just like Mitch" but I said that a couple of weeks ago, didn't I?) JD said he'd stop in for a while before he goes back to school, he had a five page English paper to write this weekend so imagine it'll be a very brief visit.

We had a slow and quiet week so I spent quite a bit of time sewing - made some Ditty Bags and a couple more baskets to take up to the beauty shop for my hairdresser to display. The little bags are so cute! I made six of them and two more fabric baskets. Such fun.

Continuing on my mission to use up fabrics in my stash, I started another big quilt. I've been working on it all week. Shown below are some of the blocks - unpressed! I have twenty finished and pressed and am working on another thirteen blocks this morning. I'm aiming for a total of 42 blocks - so the end is in sight. Will need to pull more fabric and cut more strips to get the last few blocks. This pattern is from Bonnie Hunter at I've decided to refer to my stash quilts as "multi fabric" quilts - it seems to sound more classy than "scrappy look"! Grinning big, here!

Back to my sewing corner - have a good week!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hi to all our kinfolk and friends! We've had another quiet week - nice! Weather is changing daily - I hear rumbling in the distance and it's very overcast out there. We were without electricity twice within 24 hours last weekend. . . hope this isn't a sign of future service! We played cards by candle light to pass the time. I won't say who won the most games! Okay?

I've been hearing the kitchen cabinets and drawers opening a lot, and a lot of sighing, too - Chet's way of letting me know it's time to get groceries! So I made a quick run out to Wal-Mart this morning and picked up some groceries and zippers. (I have a drawer full of zippers but not the right sizes and colors - anyone who sews knows about this.)

Tuesday afternoon Mark picked up Chet and they went to a JoAnn Fabric & Craft store in Greenwood, a suburb of Indianapolis. Mark is reupholstering the seat cushions on his pontoon boat. After shopping they went out to eat, Chet treated and was surprised at how expensive it was. He couldn't (or wouldn't) tell me where they went to eat but later Mark told me they went to Hooters! Chet's age really shows when he notices the menu prices before he notices the waitresses! Right? From there they went to see a Pacer's basketball game. A client had given Mark tickets, 3rd row and center seats. They enjoyed the game - and the Pacers won by only two points! Both enjoyed the night out.

Had to make an emergency run to Rushville to the quilt shop. I bought fabric and pattern there to make a cute little purse. For the life of me I couldn't figure out the "finishing touch" and had to go back to the shop and ask the gals for help. I have only been sewing for 45 years, so as a newcomer it was to be expected! ! ! Actually, if I'd have read more carefully I could have figured it out. Goes to prove I need to read all directions before I start the project and then read again, out loud! A friend went with me (yes, I left Chet at home) and we had lunch and then came on back home. I napped and then finished up the purse - and made a second one like it. Photo below. For interested stitchers, this pattern is from the Moda Fabric company and is made of 1 1/2" strips, their Honey Buns! This pattern is also online at the Moda site, in the Bakery Section.

I took some of my "goodies" to the beauty shop and she requested I make smaller size bags, coin purses, etc. So I made a couple small coin purses, the strip fabric ones on the right. On the left are two rectangular type cases, can be used as sunglasses case or cell phone holders or digital cameras. The pink one in the center is a "Humbug Bag" - triangle shaped with a zipper. I need to add closures to some of them yet. (Reminds me - I forgot to buy hook & loop tape while at Wal-Mart!) I'm planning to make a few more of the Humbug Bags, they are cute and fairly easy to make up.

Next picture is three stenographer notebook covers - made from the fabric I showed last week.

And this last picture is of two more baskets. The shop owner asked for more of them - with Easter just around the corner, they could easily sell out.
Ah - the kids and grand kids are fine - I think. Have only been in touch with Mark this week. So the "No news is good news" adage is in effect!
Storm is coming - lightening and thunder, so must get off the computer. . . till next week, take care.