Sunday, May 31, 2009

More This & That

Up until yesterday afternoon we've had a quiet week. The doorbell rang, I peeked out through the drapes and saw an ambulance in my driveway. My first thought was "oh they've got the wrong address - same house number on Ryle Center and our house on Ryle Drive confuses emergency and delivery people! The lady on Ryle Center is sickly and in hospital often! Anyway, went to the door and two guys standing there - wanted to know if they could park in our driveway for a short time; they said they wanted to go to the graduation party two doors up the street. Oh my goodness - we were invited to that party, too, but I thought it was today! I peeked out further - cars lined the street on both sides, other neighbors driveways were full of cars. There was a big white tent on their front yard and people mulling around. This is a ' no parking on the street' area - not a law, just neighbors considerate of each other! The mailman struggled to get through and it was impossible for him to get to the mailboxes without getting out of his truck! But he's a good natured man and doubt it was a problem for him. (Second photo taken through screen.) It just doesn't happen that often in our addition. Photos below show the traffic jam! So today I must fix up her card and deliver it to the graduate.

Speaking of graduates - there are four in our family this year. Congratulations to each of you and good luck! And congratulations to our niece and her husband on the birth of their son - I'm wondering how big sister is accepting him. . . having flashbacks here when we brought home a new baby!
Weather wise - we've had a lot of rain. The field out back is finally planted and corn is peeking through the soil. Our neighbor tilled up a small area and planted a few things - hopefully his tomatoes will be plentiful! (Hint - Hint).

The kids - Nate and Deanie are on a "bike run" this weekend. Thousands of bikers are in Indianapolis on a fund raiser for Riley Children's Hospital. The run is quite a distance and ends up at the Indianapolis Speed Way. Nate will be so thrilled to have done that! Nate has been laid off work for three weeks now. We haven't seen him since the first of the month so imagine he's keeping busy - mainly biking, I suspect! JD has been in Bloomington and planning to come and spend some time here in town. He will be staying with us and says he needs some home cooking and I suspect he needs coddling, too! Nothing new from the out of state kids. Mark has popped in a couple of times this week. He is swamped at work.

I'm so disappointed that Susan Boyle didn't win the British Talent Contest - losing to 'street dancers' - I say some people's taste is only in their mouth!

My quilt photo today is a pattern from It is Bricks and Stepping Stones. A fun, quick cut and easy sew. I used a line of fabrics from The fabric feels like silk; the colors are a bit drab compared to what I've been using the past few months. But more stash is busted and that's a good thing! There are sunspots on the quilt - in photo only!
This year Greensburg is celebrating 150 year anniversary. Our quilt guild is hosting a show at the Baptist Church. The dates are June 18 and June 19. I signed up to accept entries for the show and be a greeter! Those associated with Decatur County may show quilts. We have a good selection of antique quilts. It should be an interesting show and hope it's successful! This is my first show to be involved with. Nothing new in the quilt making area - guess I need a rest!

Till next time - take care and stay well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This & That

Not a lot to say about the past week! The usual running errands and so forth. Weather did get up into the low 80's and I don't think I'm ready for that yet. We did have a lot of rain again - it sure is green around here!
Last Sunday afternoon I went with a friend to a birthday party! I didn't know the fella, just went along for the ride. Did have a tasty piece of chocolate b'day cake and glass of ice tea. The ride was nice - I'd not been in this area before!
I did a bit of sewing this week - finished a purse but not happy with it! Can pitch that pattern! I also finished piecing the maple leaves table topper and have to hunt up some fabric for the borders and bindings.
We spent a few hours this afternoon with Mark, Tia & Tori and numerous other friends of his. Tia and Tori, and a friend named Jillian, arrived from Michigan on Friday late afternoon. They attended commencement ceremonies at North Decatur High School - this was Tori's class and they've kept in touch with many friends here. Tia had a party on Friday night at Mark's - a bonfire with about 15 friends there. Both girls have grown into such neat young ladies.

Tori will graduate on June 3rd, work this summer and start college classes in fall. Tia is finishing her sophomore year. They plan another visit here sometime during the summer. Tia in top photo and Tori in lower photo.

And this is Mark relaxing. We enjoy the pontoon boat. There is always a nice breeze on the lake.

Just had to snap a picture of the dog wearing a life jacket!

Last picture is just one of the beautiful homes on Lake Santee!

Must tell you about a movie - if you run across Taking Charlie - take time to see it. Very moving. (Keep a box of tissues nearby.) Another good movie that played a while ago - both on HBO - is August Rush. I may have to revise my favorite movies list - move down Dirty Dancing and Ferris Buehler's Day Off and put the other two on top!

Till next week - stay well and take care . . . . bye now

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Special Day

Greetings All ! Today is a special day for three special people! Our son Mitch, our nephew Chuck and dear friend Darlain, all have birthdays! We wish them all the best of everything and hope they are having a special day! We'll call Mitch tonight and have a chat!

Nate has been off work two weeks now - he works for a company that makes foreign car air conditioners and heaters. J.D. is still in Bloomington and taking it easy. . don't know his plans for the rest of the summer. Need to check in with Tracy this evening, too. Mark pops in and out - he is still switching cell phone batteries with me. He is working but some of the lines have been closed down - they make Toyota car parts.

We have had a lot of rain this past week. The field out back had water standing in it and it is just too wet to plant. The field across the road is planted and corn is peeking up!

Last Sunday Chet took a friend and me out to lunch at a buffet. We went to pick up the friend and I saw her poppy's blooming so I jumped out of the car, went up the alley and took a few pictures of them. Aren't they just so perky! Love poppies but haven't attempted to grow them myself! We hadn't called ahead for reservations but they took us in anyway! So much food - and such a small stomach! I think we were there for a good hour. The waitress told me they had over 500 reservations between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. I'll bet there were some sore feet that night!

This windmill is on the restaurant lawn - it was whirling that day - but not creaking like ours did on the farm! Seeing the windmill reminded me of the milk house that butted up to ours - and then I remembered Dusty Miller scaring us and chasing us up the windmill, scampering around and sitting on the roof of the milk house - sisters - ringing any bells?

Last week while digging through the big closet looking for the box of feed sacks to take to quilt guild, I ran across a bag with a "project in progress" in it. This throw was started in a class I took in Fairfield, Ohio - when Mitch and family lived there. Now that was so long ago, I don't remember when I started it. Diane and her Mom from Upper Michigan and I took the class. I'm wondering if they ever finished theirs! I had most of it finished, had to sew the rows together and add the borders; and made the binding too. Now it is hanging in the closet with others to be quilted some day!

The flying geese quilt, aka: Goosey - Goosey - is now finished. I gathered up the odds and ends of leftovers from other projects to make the binding - six different fabrics in the binding! It was tossed into the washer and dryer and it is now a cuddly throw size quilt.

Yesterday I started a new project - a maple leaves table topper. Dug out batiks and other fall colored fabrics and cut out the three different size blocks I'll be using. 3", 6" and 9" blocks with spacers to fill in. Love batik maple leaf projects! The 3" blocks are finished - they are done first because they are difficult to handle at that size! Hopefully the piece will be finished some time this week.

Please notice I have corrected the date and year on my camera! It took a while - but I think it's right now! (The wind mill picture was taken before I changed the date.)

And that's about it, folks - till next week - take care.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


We are having a lovely sunny day in Indiana.
Temps are not going to be too high, but the
sunshine sure makes it look warm out. Chet put
the new lawn swing cushions out but it's not really been warm enough to sit for hours and see the world pass by. I do have to keep an eye out for when our neighbor Paul comes over - the two guys have a beer (their cocktail hour) and I try to get a picture of them every year. They harass the poor mailman as he goes by, offering him a beer! He smiles, waves and goes merrily on his way!

Chet is taking Pat and me out to lunch at the Dutch Mill today. This is a buffet and has so much food, too many choices - I overeat and then get tired and crabby. But I'll do my best to be nice today.

Tomorrow my quilt guild meets and I signed up to do a lecture/demo of some kind. One of the gals suggested I tell about my scrappy look quilts! It's a wide open subject but I'm kind of challenged as to what to say! I'm taking a nice looking "multi-fabric" quilt and a totally ugly one; and also take a few of my scrappy quilt books. I am also taking a few of my feed sacks - we discussed them briefly at last months guild meeting. I knew I had a box of them but didn't realize how many there were. (No, I'm not telling!) The pictures below are a few of them - love that red on pink paisley print (upper left corner).

This last picture is a top I finished up this week.
I bought a bundle of fat quarters last summer and finally found the perfect pattern. The fabrics are kind of shiny and have designs in them - kind of like damask tablecloths! If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the designs. While cutting the pieces for the quilt I found some of the fabrics were two inches shorter than they are suppose to be (18 X 22") and I was quite disgusted - so I emailed the shop which is in Cincinnati! They promptly responded and told me they'd send me a coupon! Right now I'm not too sure I want to go there again. I distinctively remember asking the gal if the fabrics were 100% cotton and she said yes. Well, guess what - they weren't! Ask me how I know ? ? ? Polyester melts - and cotton doesn't! I went ahead and put it together and hope I can find a long arm quilter willing to work with polyester. Mark suggested I back it and put a casing in and use it as a curtain! A thought!

Time to get dressed for our lunch date - hope all are well and enjoying the warmer temperatures. Till next time - - take care.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I had such a happy birthday this year. . . turning 71 isn't all that bad. Sisters sent lovely cards and gifts, brother in Arizona called, Grandson J.D. also called. I also had a lot of birthday wishes via email. Our three sons came for a ham, scalloped potatoes and veggies supper. We sat and visited and "harkened back" and had a lot of laughs. We did miss not having Tracy with us! Mark came over after work and helped me cook - bless his heart - work all day and still is energetic enough to cook. He searched the cupboards for a can of pineapple and brown sugar to put on the ham. . . I never thought of that! Nate & Deanie & J.D. sent a bouquet of fresh flowers - so perky! Mitch arrived at about 4:30 with a big hanging basket of flowers and they smelled so good. Before he left he straightened out the bent nail so the basket could hang safely! Photo of the hanging basket isn't good at all - but I stood in the doorway to take it - didn't have my shoes on, so couldn't step outside!

Chet and the sons took a friend of ours out to breakfast Saturday morning. This fellow picks Chet up for church and a weekly Bible study group. The four of them had a great time. Paul is 81 now, lost his wife a couple of months ago. Their two daughters live in Fort Wayne so he doesn't get to see them often. And I think a few hours with the guys did him a wealth of good. Mitch left for Louisville, KY about 10:30 to catch his flight back to Green Bay. Was great to see him, even if it was such a shoft visit.

We've had a lot of rain and everything is nice and green. I went out between the rain showers and had my hair colored on Tuesday. I'm envious of my sisters - see the photo and notice their lovely hair colors - all nature with them. My hair looks like a rusty, used Brillo Pad if I don't color them. This picture was taken a few years ago when I spent a week in Minnesota with the family. That was a great vacation for me but I do remember they wore me out quickly and I had to beg for Coke!

Wednesday I attended a quilt show, lecture and luncheon. Several ladies from my quilt guild went and it was enjoyable. I enjoyed the quilts on display, most of them were old. The luncheon was good, too. After we left the show we went to a quilt shop. No - I didn't buy any fabric but did find a pattern I want to make, so bought it. This will NOT be a scrappy looking quilt! I have a bundle of embossed cotton fabrics that are begging to be used and will start it sometime this week. I do need to find some solid black fabric to use with it.

I had an email from my long arm quilter, she has finished a quilt for me so we'll run up and get it one day this week.
Of course I have to have a quilty picture in my post - so here is a "multi" fabric quilt I made a while ago. Managed to use up a lot of odds and ends of fabrics - the lighter fabric is the same throughout the quilt. The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter at

Well folks - that's about it for this week. Again thanks to all of you for remembering my birthday. Have a good week and stay well. . . .