Sunday, May 10, 2009


We are having a lovely sunny day in Indiana.
Temps are not going to be too high, but the
sunshine sure makes it look warm out. Chet put
the new lawn swing cushions out but it's not really been warm enough to sit for hours and see the world pass by. I do have to keep an eye out for when our neighbor Paul comes over - the two guys have a beer (their cocktail hour) and I try to get a picture of them every year. They harass the poor mailman as he goes by, offering him a beer! He smiles, waves and goes merrily on his way!

Chet is taking Pat and me out to lunch at the Dutch Mill today. This is a buffet and has so much food, too many choices - I overeat and then get tired and crabby. But I'll do my best to be nice today.

Tomorrow my quilt guild meets and I signed up to do a lecture/demo of some kind. One of the gals suggested I tell about my scrappy look quilts! It's a wide open subject but I'm kind of challenged as to what to say! I'm taking a nice looking "multi-fabric" quilt and a totally ugly one; and also take a few of my scrappy quilt books. I am also taking a few of my feed sacks - we discussed them briefly at last months guild meeting. I knew I had a box of them but didn't realize how many there were. (No, I'm not telling!) The pictures below are a few of them - love that red on pink paisley print (upper left corner).

This last picture is a top I finished up this week.
I bought a bundle of fat quarters last summer and finally found the perfect pattern. The fabrics are kind of shiny and have designs in them - kind of like damask tablecloths! If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the designs. While cutting the pieces for the quilt I found some of the fabrics were two inches shorter than they are suppose to be (18 X 22") and I was quite disgusted - so I emailed the shop which is in Cincinnati! They promptly responded and told me they'd send me a coupon! Right now I'm not too sure I want to go there again. I distinctively remember asking the gal if the fabrics were 100% cotton and she said yes. Well, guess what - they weren't! Ask me how I know ? ? ? Polyester melts - and cotton doesn't! I went ahead and put it together and hope I can find a long arm quilter willing to work with polyester. Mark suggested I back it and put a casing in and use it as a curtain! A thought!

Time to get dressed for our lunch date - hope all are well and enjoying the warmer temperatures. Till next time - - take care.

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J. D. Crook said...

I love the vivid colors on the bottom quilt!