Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Visit - Block #7 Finished

Son Mitch spent a few days with us last weekend. We enjoyed having him here after not seeing him for about a year. He seems to have to be busy most of the time and found a lot of things to do around the house. Father and Son pictured below.

Son Nate hasn't check in for a week or so - he's probably still recuperating from the Bikers Boogie - he spent about ten days there, setting up and taking down stands and so forth and am sure he enjoyed the middle part of the week - play days. It was beastly hot all the while.
Mark spent a couple of days at the Boogie and then went sailing with a friend for a day. Mark is a hero. (Course I've always known that.) Yesterday he was at the beach and noticed a young man preparing to dive off the raft. There is to be no diving as the water is quite shallow in that area. The young man didn't hear Mark yelling at him and dove in. Mark arrived just as he surfaced - face down. So Mark turned him over; the fella said he couldn't feel his arms or legs and his back hurt. So Mark held him up, hands propping the neck until a helicopter arrived from Indianapolis. (About half an hour.) It was a first visit to the lake for this fella and his friends so they obviously didn't notice the No Diving sign. Mark gave the fellas friend his cell phone number and asked to be kept updated. Later he heard from one of them and learned he had two broken vertebra, close to his neck and it was/is possible he may be paralyzed. I imagine Mark will be making a trip to see him in a week or two.
Tracy called yesterday - to wish her dad a Happy B'day. The big day was the 23rd but he accepts calls anytime! Tracy and Anna were getting ready to go for a run - well, Tracy will run and Anna was setting up a lemonade stand!
Photo below is block #7 of the Rocky Mountain Sampler, Block of the Month quilt I'm working on. I usually don't like to drag out a quilt this long but over half done now so I'll grin and bear it.
All fabrics are from my stash - and I am seeing a bit of reduction in the stash!

Time to sign off and find something for lunch. Have a good week and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out of State Visotors

Hi from rainy Indiana. We can use the rain so I'm not going to complain about the weather. (But it has been awfully hot, t00!) Tracy and Anna Grace left on Sunday morning and they had plans to visit a cave or two on the way home; they arrived back in Hattiesburg about 12:30 on Monday. They did have a bit of excitement on the way home. They stopped for gas and suddenly many sirens were blaring, they counted 22 State Police, Sheriff cars and local police cars roaring down the highway - it appears they were on a very high speed chase. They were all headed in the direction Tracy had just come from! Guess they had an angel on their shoulders.

On Sunday evening Palmer, Lois, Becky and Aaron arrived. We had our supper and visited for a bit and Becky and Aaron left for Lafayette, they had an appointment to visit Purdue Monday morning and a visit to Butler, in Indianapolis that afternoon. Palmer and Lois stayed here and we ate, visited, ate, took a ride and ate some more! We even managed to take short naps! Mark came at 4:00 and we took them to Indianapolis to meet up with Becky & Aaron. We had our dinner at a cute restaurant - food would have been good but it was cold! Oh well, we did our best. The onion rings were perfect! We said our good byes and took off in opposite directions. They got back to Michigan at about 11:00 and we got home by 6:00. Nate didn't get to see them because he's at the Bikers Boogie since last Saturday. Mark was packing up to go on Wednesday. He had plans to go sailing today and will be back in town tomorrow.

Mitch arrived Friday afternoon and it's great to see him - it's been a year since we last saw him. He is such a handy man - the header lining in my car was coming loose and he fixed that. Also having trouble with the trim on the trunk of my car and he figured out a way to fix that, too. We also have two wasps nests and he found a spray to kill the wasps and will take down their little 'home'! He's gone to church this morning with Chet and Paul (transportation provider).

Below are a couple of pictures of the Arizona/Michigan visitors.

The group - aren't we just the smilingest people you've seen in a long time? LOL

Nope - no sewing since Anna Grace was here and made her pillow! Haven't "stitched an inch" in a while - but projects are waiting to be finished and more ideas are popping into my head!

That's it for now - stay well!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tracy & Anna's Visit

No pictures last week - well I'm bombarding you with them this week! Tracy and Anna arrived here on Wednesday, late afternoon. Nate stopped by in the morning and visited with them.

Anna had to get her 'sewing with Grandma Joan' session in so she made a pillow using quilt blocks I'd made as a sample a few weeks ago.

We had to go play a round of miniature golf and have some delicious ice cream at the Sweet Shop.
Josh, a neighbor, Anna & Tracy in the far ground.

Friday afternoon we went out to Mark's and spent the afternoon on the beach at Lake Santee.
The fellow to the left is playing a kettle drum (I think that's what they're called.) And some brave people did the Limbo!

Mark doing the Limbo. They moved too fast for me to get good pictures!

Tracy, Anna and Mark swimming behind the pontoon.

One of Mark's friends has a water slide so Mark took us over there and he and Anna had a couple of quick slides!

Swimming back to the pontoon after the water slide venture.
Tia was also there but missed her in pictures - friends of her's were there and she was off with them from time to time.
JD was here for the weekend, he was 'best man' for a friends wedding.
Saturday night JD, Nate & Deanie, Tracy & Anna went to the fair. She came home with a gold fish which is traveling back to Mississippi with them today.
We are expecting Palmer & Lois, Becky & Aaron any time now. Becky & Aaron will be visiting Purdue and Butler colleges.
Mitch is planning to come Friday and stay will Monday. Be great to see him again!
Nate & Deanie are out of town till a week from Monday - attending the Bikers Boogie! And that's all I'll say about the Boogie!
Till next week - stay well and cool. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th

We are having a quiet day at home. The City had fireworks last night and we could hear them, loud and clear. Mark had a party at his house yesterday with out-of-state visitors, J.D. and three friends are here and of course all his 'lake friends'. We opted to stay put and enjoy the peace and quiet! Yes, our ages are showing! Hopefully J.D. and friends and the out-of-state visitors will stop in for a bit but doubt they will.

We are getting ready for Tracy and Anna's visit and hopefully Jon will come along this year. He had plans to go to Destin, FL. and I noticed on the weather map this morning that there is oil in that area! Tracy will get here the 7th and stay till the 11th. We are also hoping to be able to meet with Palmer & Lois, here from Arizona, (brother and sister in law) who are visiting their families in Michigan. We are to the stages in our lives that we need drivers - we met halfway last summer and had a lovely visit. At this point we don't know their plans and my drivers are in mid-air right now.

Nate is heading south to a bikers boogie and will be gone about ten days. Mark was hoping to make it for a day or two.

Not a lot of sewing this week so no pictures! I did manage to sew up the remaining rows on the black/white triangles quilt and will have to set the rows together the week after next. It will be a piddly task - all those points! Oh - what was I thinking when I started that!

Chet's home from church and looking for food so it's time to sign off for today. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good week!