Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Week Begins

Hi Folks. Lovely day here in Indiana - sun is shining, slight breeze and no heat or humidity! What more could one ask for!
I went to brunch with a friend this morning and grabbed my camera on the way out. I was hoping to see a few of the cars from the big show held this weekend but it ended last night - again, I'm a day late. This car was leaving the restaurant parking lot so I caught it through the car window! Neat, eh? Have no idea what make or model it is. It kind of reminded me of the '40 Ford Chet used to have - the pea soup green one! As I recall, he didn't have it long cuz he fell asleep at the wheel and went off a T-road! There was also a motorcycle show in town and Nate was involved in that. . . I didn't make it there either! We had quite a bit of rain yesterday and heard these events weren't well attended!

My computer was down for almost a week - I only missed it the first day or two. I did manage to get a bit of sewing and quilting done. The two table runners pictured below were the "creations of the week." I plan to take them to the beauty salon to my little boutique corner in the shop. I hope to do one more this week - the fabric is chosen - just need to drum up the energy to get it done.
This first one is the Dresden Plate pattern. There are three plates on this runner and it measures approximately 13 x 36".

This second one is called Mirror Image from the Pieced Tree Patterns - they do have a website. If interested do a "search" using that name. This one measures about 11 x 50".

Chet had a quiet birthday on the 23rd. Mitch and Tracy called and Mark stopped in briefly yesterday. We didn't do anything special - but I did pick up an apple pie for him!

Time to move on - bye for now and take care.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Need to do another update - Tracy & Anna Grace called to wish Chet a Happy Birthday - we had a nice chat - until we were disconnected (bless those cell phones)! Anna is such a "young lady" - she is joining the school Color Guard and starts practicing next week! She's too small to carry the big flags the older girls use - so she will just "strut her stuff!"

I am slowly uploading my software to the computer - and hope to get a few pictures to put on my blog again.

Bye now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Our favorite son in Wisconsin just called to wish his father a Happy Birthday! Nice to visit with him and get all the family news.

Till next time - - -


I killed my computer last week and it's been down till this afternoon. . While visiting with my pharmacist on Sunday morning, he gave me the name of a "computer whiz" so I called the fella and he came over this afternoon and helped me get back online. Of course all my pictures are gone - I do have some on DVD's and will attempt to reload them as soon as I can. I also had this fella connect my laptop to the Internet so now I can lounge in my recliner and play games and surf and etc.

Not having a computer has helped me to finish a few projects and start a few new ones, too. I've been piecing Double Four Patch blocks and have enough now to make a nice throw size quilt. I also made two table runners - I plan to take them to the beauty salon and add them to my "boutique."

Today is Chet's 72nd B'day - I didn't say a thing, hoping one of our four children would also remember - no one has yet, but it's still early. If no one calls I will be forced to rewrite the will again!

I will post more later in the week - bye for now.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greetings From Greensburg

We've had a busy week here. On Monday morning I got a phone call from Tracy, she forgot to call and tell us they were on their way to spend time with us! She drove about half way on Monday and got here Tuesday around noon time. Great to see them - it's been a year. Nate & Mark joined us for supper on Tuesday night and we had a nice visit.

The pictures are a visit to the Putt-Putt course and of course we ended the game with ice cream from the Sweet Shop! Chet and I didn't play - we were the "cheerleaders"! The fella in the picture with Anna is Josh from next door. Josh and his mom joined us for the game and ice cream!

Tia, our granddaughter from Michigan. is here visiting Mark and friends from school. She spent a couple of days with us. We "girls" went shopping at the Outlet Mall and had lunch at the Cracker Barrel! We were exhausted at the end of the day! We were good shoppers and managed to pick up a few bargains!

The County Fair is up and running this week. Tracy took Tia and Anna one evening. We always have rain during fair week - but the people don't seem to mind too much - a lot of exhibits inside buildings and food tents can keep them dry!

Anna and I had our sewing session and she ended up with a fancy pillow. Made from leftovers from my Stained Glass quilt which I posted a few weeks ago. She loves to "push buttons" on my machine! (Truthfully, I do too!)

At the end of their visit we always take a picture of the kids from the neighborhood - you can see the number is down this year. Jon didn't come - he was in Florida with his aunts and cousins. The tall teen on the left is Will, next is Josh (brothers from next door), then Anna Grace and another teenager from a few houses up the street - Hannah! Oh, how these kids are growing!

This afternoon Chet and I are going to an old fashioned Ice Cream Social with a friend - Paul. This annual event is in the rural area where Paul is from. . . and it is truly rural. I don't think I've been to an Ice Cream Social since Plato Park!
Other than helping Anna Grace with her pillow project, I've not sewn this past week! I am in the process of preparing a short demo at quilt guild tomorrow - will show how to use some of the rulers we quilters buy and seldom use! I guess I do use mine often tho - the numbers are wearing off!
Till next week - take care and stay cool.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It Rained on Our Parade

Hi Family & Friends from Greensburg where it is cool (love it), dreary and overcast! We had rain almost all day yesterday. I think the Annual Parade downtown managed to finish before the rains came!

On Friday, Chet, Mark and I drove to the northern part of the state, which is about half way between where they live now, to pick up Tia. She will be spending a couple of weeks with him out at the lake. She and her sister Tori have kept in touch with friends from this area and visit often.. Darcy had the day off so drove her - I'd not seen her in quite a few years. Tia brought her dog, Maxie, along. The three of us sat in the backseat on the way back. Tia will be a junior in high school in the fall; Tori graduated last month.
Mark called earlier this morning to tell us about an accident out at the lake last night. Young adults were leaving the lake after watching the fireworks, in a pick up truck - some were riding in the back. One of them fell out - this happened right in front of the house where Mark and his friends were meeting. One of the gals in Mark's group has some nursing training so she rushed to the injured fellow. The fire department truck came - part of the rescue team - and the men got out and went to the fellow on the ground. The truck rolled forward and hit the injured guy and the gal tending to him and dragged them about 20'. Injuries to both are very serious, both were lifelined to Indianapolis hospitals. Horrible tragedy!
J.D. was in town with a friend (she species) but they didn't stop here - I guess he wasn't hungry for Hamburger Helper! (Hmm - maybe she's making it for him?)

Photos today are of the landscaping Mark and his friend Sean did on Monday. Sean brought his two sons, ages 10 and 3 along - so I got to play "grandma" for a few hours. Mark was dog-sitting for friends and brought the dog, too! We put in three Dwarf Red Carpet Myrtle shrubs and some grass plants. They look a tad skimpy now but hopefully they will do their thing. The fellas also put river rock in the area close to the house. We need to have at least three more loads of rock brought in to put on the sides of the house. The back area will stay as is - an ivy type ground cover. I picked up a couple of shepherd's crooks and have to find hanging baskets to put in them - hope it's not too late in the season.

The other pictures are the neighbors garden - I'm watching for tomatoes to come! He is a sharing neighbor!

The Corn is definitely knee high now. The city is in the background - don't know if the tree in the tower will show if you enlarge the picture!

And last but not least is a b'day gift for sister Amy - hope your kitchen is still apple theme! It is a table runner. So Amy, watch for a small package this week - I will mail it tomorrow.
Surfing the Internet has again landed me in trouble! I saw some really cute double four patch quilts using batik and hand dyed fabrics. So I dug into my stash and cut enough for a dozen blocks. I did eight yesterday and went to sew the others this morning. Whizzed along beautifully - laid them all out and discovered I've goofed on two of them. . . so it's rip-rip-rip sometime today. Ho hum - - my seam ripper seems to be my best friend!
Time to sign off and find some lunch and then write checks to keep the lights and water running. Till next time - - stay well.