Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greetings From Greensburg

We've had a busy week here. On Monday morning I got a phone call from Tracy, she forgot to call and tell us they were on their way to spend time with us! She drove about half way on Monday and got here Tuesday around noon time. Great to see them - it's been a year. Nate & Mark joined us for supper on Tuesday night and we had a nice visit.

The pictures are a visit to the Putt-Putt course and of course we ended the game with ice cream from the Sweet Shop! Chet and I didn't play - we were the "cheerleaders"! The fella in the picture with Anna is Josh from next door. Josh and his mom joined us for the game and ice cream!

Tia, our granddaughter from Michigan. is here visiting Mark and friends from school. She spent a couple of days with us. We "girls" went shopping at the Outlet Mall and had lunch at the Cracker Barrel! We were exhausted at the end of the day! We were good shoppers and managed to pick up a few bargains!

The County Fair is up and running this week. Tracy took Tia and Anna one evening. We always have rain during fair week - but the people don't seem to mind too much - a lot of exhibits inside buildings and food tents can keep them dry!

Anna and I had our sewing session and she ended up with a fancy pillow. Made from leftovers from my Stained Glass quilt which I posted a few weeks ago. She loves to "push buttons" on my machine! (Truthfully, I do too!)

At the end of their visit we always take a picture of the kids from the neighborhood - you can see the number is down this year. Jon didn't come - he was in Florida with his aunts and cousins. The tall teen on the left is Will, next is Josh (brothers from next door), then Anna Grace and another teenager from a few houses up the street - Hannah! Oh, how these kids are growing!

This afternoon Chet and I are going to an old fashioned Ice Cream Social with a friend - Paul. This annual event is in the rural area where Paul is from. . . and it is truly rural. I don't think I've been to an Ice Cream Social since Plato Park!
Other than helping Anna Grace with her pillow project, I've not sewn this past week! I am in the process of preparing a short demo at quilt guild tomorrow - will show how to use some of the rulers we quilters buy and seldom use! I guess I do use mine often tho - the numbers are wearing off!
Till next week - take care and stay cool.

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