Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where did June go?

Greetings Everyone. Here we are at the end of June already! I don't know where the time goes - it seems I got more accomplished when I was working. Truthfully, I don't care how much is accomplished and I'd rather be here doing nothing than working!
I did chat with some of our kids during the week. A classmate of Nate's was killed in an auto accident, on a country road. He was coming home from work about 12:30 a.m. A 17 year old decided to 'blow the stop sign'! That poor kid will have a load to carry for the rest of his life.
We are getting letters - yes - snail mail letters - from Anna Grace who is at a camp and is forced to write! She asked for Nate & Mark's addresses - am wondering if she will really write them!
Sunday afternoon we 'motored' out to Mark's and spent the afternoon with him and friends from the lake. We were on the pontoon boat and that is an enjoyable ride. We docked on the beach and it seems there were 30 to 40 people off and on that boat. Cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and lots of other good foods were brought by friends. It was hot out but being on the water it was a bit cooler and there was a nice breeze.
Tuesday a friend and I went to see Patricia Knoechel - sister of Eleanor Burns, the 'noted' quilter. We guessed there were about 50 people there. Patricia makes the quilts her sister designs but uses her favorite colors - purples. lavenders and greens!
Wednesday I had an eye doctor appt. - the cataract surgeon - oh, he's such a nice man and very handsome, too. Makes doctor visits a pleasure! (And I don't have to take my clothes off).
Thursday two quilting friends and I went to a shop the one gal had never been to before. I did find a ruler and a book I'd been looking for.
Friday I spent a lot of time and money at the grocery store. The cabinets and refrigerator were about empty - and Chet was sighing a lot, too! ! !
Saturday was a pajama day and I sewed all morning. I'd cut the pieces for the quilt during the week (when I had the energy) and began sewing. I managed to make seven rows and I've been at the machine again this morning. I'll need a total of 14 rows. This will not be a quick quilt which means it will not be a big quilt. I'm using the fabrics from the online swap (black on white and white on black) and have added a few batiks for a dash of color. I'm wishing now I'd have used reds instead. Equal Lateral Triangles are used and they are small so it's very time consuming. I know I won't be making another of these! Picture below.

Time to find something for lunch. Have a good and safe week.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I hope all the "dad's" out there are having a good day! We are going out to Mark's this afternoon and will have a cookout on the beach - traveling by pontoon. Possible rain later this afternoon, so hope we don't get too wet! Predicted high is 87 and that's just not cup of tea at all - I'm a 75* gal. Nate came over and installed my window AC early last week and it sure makes a big difference with my sleeping and eating!

Chatted with Tracy for about an hour last week. Anna is at camp and I think Tracy is/was lonesome! She is planning a quick visit here July 7 to 11th. And Palmer & Lois will be in Michigan June 30 to July 13. Hopefully we can connect for a visit this time. Nate is planning his Bikers Boogie in the southern part of the state in mid July, they will take their motor home and be gone for about 12 days.

Thursday my block of the month group met in Rushville - assignment is block #7 (out of 12). Most of us seem to be struggling with the blocks for this quilt! I had a goof and noticed it two days before our meeting so managed to fix it quickly. And would you believe I made the same mistake on this block! It's corrected now - picture below.

That's it for this week. Stay well and cool.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Struck

Yes, the hot weather and humidity have hit and I'm wilted. Today I will call one of my dear sons and ask them to put the AC unit in my bedroom. We've had a lot of rain and water standing in the field out back. Our neighbor's garden looks like it could take over their backyard and ours, too. They are on vacation and should be back this week. I've been watching their tomato plants and if a red one should appear while they're gone, I'll be a good neighbor and go get it!

Haven't been in contact with our kids, tried to call Mississippi twice yesterday and no answer. I know Anna Grace is at a summer camp in Louisana for a month (I think).

Last week I posted a picture of a block - here's the completed quilt. Front and back. Another stash buster piece!

Since I finished a quilt from scraps I figured it was only fair to start thinking of a new quilt. And after using such bright colors, I got out a stack of about 12 fat quarters (18x20") and a few scraps from the first 'blended quilt' and thought I'd like to do another. The first blended quilt is now in Louisiana - tried to copy and paste the picture but it just would not work for me. But if you check out the Saturday, July 12, 2008 post and scroll about half way down and you can see it there. It's a kind of Shabby Chic style! The picture below is the collection I have. It will be a while before I find a pattern - maybe stars - any other suggestions?

Time to get busy here - thanks for visiting and have a good week.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Greetings from The Windy City

No, I'm not in Chicago! It's right here in Greensburg, IN. We are fortunate not to have been in the tornado path, it was North of Indianapolis. I've not looked out back to see if we have tree branches down and don't plan to for a while!

We have spent the week running - just errands and usual stuff. We did have an email from Mitch - I followed a car similar to the one he had during the last months of college. It was white and had a red door and a blue door and a blue hood! I did take pictures of it with my cell phone but alas, I did not do something right so no picture to remind him! I guess I should not be around electronic gadgets!

Didn't sew an inch all week so yesterday I vowed today I'd do something. My scrap basket had some bright fabrics peeking out and begging to have something done with them. So I pawed through the basket and found a dozen blocks made a few years ago and this morning they were stitched up quickly. Nice to find blocks already pieced! The picture is below - looks rumpled cause it's on my chenille bedspread.

While digging in the scraps I pulled more bright fabrics and decided to do a small quilt using them up. Name of the block is "Sweet Sixteen". The pattern calls for larger rectangles ( 3 1/2 by 6 1/2) but I cut them at 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 ". . . . daintier size for a baby quilt. I know I'll have to cut more fabrics than I pulled so it should be an interesting quilt. Not sure of the size - we'll have to see how far the scraps go. Photo below.

Back to the sewing machine. Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.