Monday, January 31, 2011

Posting Late - Good Excuse

I have a good excuse for posting late. Usually I post on Sunday morning but yesterday I took a grocery list and headed to the store! My first time out of the house (other than to the mailbox) since Dec. 21st. And I've not driven my car since the week before Thanksgiving! I managed to get the groceries and stop at the drug store for a few things. Chet was waiting with the door open - not sure if he was waiting for food or me! I was quite tired and took advantage of my nap by extending it a bit!
We are expecting ice/rain overnight! They even predicted power outages - hope it doesn't happen as we are total electric! Good thing I have a stack of quilts to help keep us warm.
Picture below is Chet with his Colts throw - a gift from Tracy and family. Anna Grace has been waiting to see this!

I have been keeping busy doing one of my favorite things. After digging through my stash I found enough fabric to put borders on the Wabash County Brick Wall quilt. Both border fabrics were used as backings for other quilts and there was quite a bit left over! (I love leftovers - be it fabric or food)! So this quilt is ready to go to the long arm quilter gal in Rushville. It measures approximately 45 x 55".

This little goodie just had to be made! ! I saw a photo of a doll quilt in one of Kathleen Tracy books. (Kathleen hosts a Yahoo group called Small Quilt Talks. Visit her at her blog: The half-square-triangles are leftovers from another quilt - we call them bonus triangles. It measures 13"x 16" - or there abouts - and I even hand quilted it - not a lot tho!

Till next week - stay well and warm.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Must Not Complain

Oh this snow and cold is getting to me. I've not been further than the end of the driveway to set out trash and recycling bins, pick up the mail and newspaper. Someone just came to the door, I opened it and the cold was sharp! (Poor guy is looking for tree trimming jobs. I told him to check back in Spring and he told me that was not the time to trim trees! Oh well!)

Nate and Mark brought in a supply of groceries so the 'larder is loaded' for a while and there is no need for us to go out on the snow covered streets. Mitch calls weekly to check in with us and we don't dare complain of our snow and cold - Green Bay always is colder and snowier! No sympathy from him! Tracy tells us it's cold in Mississippi when it's 65; at least she doesn't have to shovel snow down there! And she gets no sympathy from us!

I've been back at my sewing machine a couple of mornings this week. I finished putting together the brick wall quilt top - center portion of the quilt, this morning. Feels good to use up some of the left over fabrics from the bigger quilt. I did have to go into the stash and cut more but it was a pleasure to dig through the fabrics and find coordinates. Now I need to see if I have enough of something to put a border or two on this quilt. Right now it measures about 36 x 44" and adding borders will make it a nice throw size. Picture below.

I'd not used my camera since Thanksgiving and found this picture - Anna Grace, Mitch and Jonathan - I don't remember who's teaching who and I don't know what game they are playing - but it is a nice picture, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by - stay well and warm.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Another week has passed and I'm proud to announce that I've been back at the sewing machine. I decided it was time to try and use up fabric from my stash. I did a "Brick Wall of Wabash County" quilt almost a year ago (March 7, 2010 post) and there were a lot of left over rectangles so I started laying them out and cut more from my stash. It was to be a small quilt but it seems to be growing in size and I imagine it will be a lap robe or sofa throw size. We'll see just how far the rectangles that I have cut will go. Hopefully I'll have a picture to show next week. (I tried to copy and paste it but it wouldn't work!)
Chet is sad because of the Colts losing the football game last week - I think he's cheering on the Packers now. He's not gone out often because of the cold and snow. Mitch and Chet have been chatting after the football games. "A bonding opportunity" is what Mitch calls the phone calls!
Nate, Deanie and Mark are off to an ABATE get together this weekend, expect them back some time today. I know they told me where they were going - but I forgot! And that's okay - cuz I'm old!
Tracy celebrated a birthday on the 13th. Visited with her for quite a while one morning - her doctor/boss was out of town so she had some free time to chat.
Till next week - stay safe, warm and well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Back - I Think

It's been a while since I've posted - have been dealing with health issues the past three months but I think I'm on the road to being myself again. I'm not sure if this is good or bad! We'll see - right? :)

Our holidays were spent with family and friends. They brought in the food and we enjoyed a lot of the traditional dishes. The sons have been doing our grocery shopping - not their favorite thing to do and we certainly appreciate them doing it. There is a long list on the table now and Chet keeps coming up with things to add to it. He does enjoy eating.

We had snow but it all melted when we had temps in the 50's. Yesterday we had a couple of inches of fresh snow - looks so pretty out there but it's cold and windy. Our wonderful neighbor shoveled our driveway sometime this morning.

No sewing here since October except for the final block of the month block - I thought it was finished but someone pointed out to me that there was a mistake in it - so I took it apart and redid it. I've been too exhausted and shaky to use the rotary cutter and ruler. The other day I did pull out a kit and fondle the fabrics but I put them back in the cabinet.

I dreamed I turned on my sewing machine and it made odd noises, spit sparks and moaned and groaned. I woke up after that dream! I haven't turned it on to check it out!

Chet is ready for the Colts game tonight - wearing his Colts shirt, a gift from Mark and has his Colts throw, a gift from Tracy, on the sofa. I will have to sneak a picture to post next week.

Perhaps I'll have some other pictures for the next post - something quilty. Till then, be warm, happy and healthy.