Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Few Pictures

I'm home alone tonight - first time in ages! I've had my bath and am dressed in new navy plaid flannel pajamas with lace trim! Mark and Chet are at the Colts football game tonight. It doesn't start till 8:30 so it will be late when they get home. Mark will probably stay over night and go to work from here in the morning. Mark is so patient and good with his father, takes a special person to tackle some of the projects he takes on with him!

Posting just a few pictures from our Thanksgiving Day with family and friends. Tracy, Jon and Anna Grace arrived about 1:00 a.m. They drove straight through from Mississippi - Jon is a licensed driver now and did about half the driving so they were able to do it in one shot. Mitch arrived about 1:00 p.m. Nate deep fried a turkey (shown in photo below) and Mark and his friend Brittany, made a beautiful ham. Tracy brought cornbread dressing and it was very tasty. Tia made a cheesy potato dish. I cooked cranberries (twice). And we had many veggies, rolls and the usual dishes. Mitch brought Wisconsin sausage and cheeses - oh so good!

Anna Grace 'sharing' her Stained Glass Windows quilt with Nate, Jon and Tracy. She fell in love with this quilt before it was finished - now the quilt is in Mississippi!

The guys: Mark, Nate, Jon, Mitch, Chet and J.D.

The Gals - Tracy, me, Tia, Anna, Kim (JD's friend), Brittany and Tori.

We had a lovely weekend and enjoyed being together! Tracy and family left at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday and drove half way and spent the night at a hotel. They arrived home about 11:30 today. Mitch's flight left at 7:00 p.m. and he got home about midnight. I'm sure they happy to be in their own beds, too.
That's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by. Stay well and warm.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I imagine everyone is writing menus, grocery lists and looking forward to a big day with family and friends later this week. We are having a house full with our children and friends coming. Nate will deep fry a turkey and Mark is doing a ham. Tracy is doing Mississippi corn bread dressing and Mitch is bringing Wisconsin Brats. And of course we'll have all the usual side dishes and trimmings. The kids will do most of the cooking this year because my treatments leave me zapped! The Michigan Granddaughters spent a few hours with me yesterday going through cabinets, cleaning the refrigerator and stove and etc. It's nice and sparkling clean in the kitchen now. I could have kept them for a few more hours to hit a few more rooms but didn't want to scare them off for good.

Am proud to announce I finished block #12 for the Rocky Mountain Sampler quilt a group of gals have been working on this year. I've not laid the blocks out together to see how the completed top will look. This block is a bit 'blah' - think it's because I didn't use a red and I did in all the other blocks. The block looks a tad off kilter but a good spray of starch and a hot, heavy iron should fix it up. . . the power of persuasion!

Photos below are parts of my fabric stash - I think it's time to go through the stash and 'share' with other quilters. I've not been able to do as many donation quilts this year as planned but do have a few to give to our local Cheer Fund for Christmas baskets.

This picture is just the top half of a big cabinet I had built to house my stash. I also store books, magazines and an assortment of other goodies in it. Perhaps next week I will show a picture of my quilt books - and that's frightening, too. Oh well, I've enjoyed every book and magazine; and every piece of fabric that has come into this house.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Too Tired To Post - A Bit Of Sewing

Yes, I was too tired to do a post last week - and I see several of you visited the blog and checked up on me. I continue to deal with health issues and will for a while to come. Thanks to those of you who sent well wishes, thoughts and prayers my way. I really do appreciate it.
We've had some lovely weather - in the 70's a couple of days last week and that was a treat. The family has been keeping in touch and most of them will be here Thanksgiving weekend. Be a treat to see them all together again. Mark is taking Chet to a Colts football game that weekend and Chet is all fired up and ready to go.
Belated Happy Birthday wishes to sister Ellen and brother Wally - and anyone I may have missed. . . I do have b'day cards for you - right in front of me now!
I haven't had too much energy but did do a bit of sewing this past week. Block #11 for the Rocky Mountain Sampler is now complete and shown below.
This morning I pulled fabrics and cut for block #12 - the final block for the sampler. Pieces are laid out and ready to be sewn together. It took 2 1/2 hours to sew up block #11 and this one has more pieces so imagine it will take a bit longer to stitch together. This is just the center section, know as Card Tricks and finished, it will measure 6" - can you see the pattern?

The blocks finish at 12" each so it will be a nice throw size. I do have to find border fabrics to finish it off. Picture below is showing the cut pieces for the outside of the block. I hope it's a pretty quilt as I've just not been too fired up about this quilt. I think the idea of having the fabric, directions and etc. laying around for such a long time is just not my style! Not that I'm neat and tidy; perhaps it's that I'm not a patient person.
Till next time - be safe and warm.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone
I was feeling bad because I had no pictures to post and not a lot to say. But as the Trick and Treaters began ringing the doorbell the 'light went on' in my head and I decided to take pictures of some of the kids. We had lots of bees, ballerinas, mummies and even a dog with pink fairy wings and a matching purse. I bought a couple of big bags of candy a few weeks ago and stashed them away. This morning the man in the house got out our big bowl and the bags of candy - it appears we have a mouse or two in the house that really like candy. There is just enough left to fill the bowl - - amazing, I never saw a candy wrapper around tho! Oh well - guess he enjoyed it more than the kids. I'm estimating we've had at least 50 kids out here and still another two hours to go. My front light will be turned off at 7:00 unless the candy is gone before then.

Till next week - be safe.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Weekend

Hi Family and Friends,

Not only are we enjoying lovely fall color and temperatures, we are enjoying seeing our sons and one of our grandsons. Mitch and JD arrived Friday night, Nate and Deanie also came over to visit. I've not been up till 11:00 for a long, long time.

I put JD in charge of pictures, telling him I need some for my blog. I hope to get a picture of the three sons together - just didn't think of it on Saturday. The first picture is his car, he just recently bought it.

And this neat truck is Mark's - also a recent purchase.

We needed to replace the commode in the small bathroom so the 'boys' went shopping and installed this gem for us. It's one of the higher ones - makes it easier for old-timers to get up from. Here's Mark and Mitch setting it up and then the throne in it's royal position. (They tell me it works fine - I've not tried it.)

Haven't done any sewing all week so nothing to show off or brag about. But I will get back to it soon - have a quilt waiting for it's final border.

That's it for this week - thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This & That

We are enjoying fall temperatures and a lot of color with the leaves changing. I'd like to see the lovely colors for a longer time though!

I am still dealing with health issues - treatment will be decided on this week. Thanks for all the good wishes, prayers and cards. The local sons have been doing a lot for us and we sure appreciate that. The out-of-state kids have been calling regularly as have other family members. Mitch is planning to come for the weekend.

I decided it was time to take some pictures of what I've been working on the past few weeks. I did finish the Waving Flag. Picture below is Block # 10 for the Rocky Mountain Sampler. It is a pretty block and went together fairly easy. In fact, I think it's the prettiest block of the bunch!

This is the equilateral quilt top I've had in the works for almost two months now. I added left over batiks from the pyramids inside the top, as borders. I plan to add a solid black outer border - fabric is in the washer right now. May be my 'after my nap' project today!

I have a large collection of batik and hand dyed fabrics I'd like to do in something special and have spent time looking through my books. The book shown below is full of ideas but nothing really grabs me right now. New York Beauty keeps wandering into my mind! Or maybe the Drunkards Path blocks. . . .
Till next time - take care everyone.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome October

Friends and relatives - I am dealing with some health issues and will not be posting as often as usual. But if I do manage to sew something worth bragging about, I will!

Take care and be good to yourself!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, J.D.

Short posting today - not much to say and I'm lazy, too. We have been without rain for a long time and we need it badly. Fields are catching fire when combines go in to harvest. At least the beans in the field that butts up to our property have been picked for several weeks now.

I've been lazy in the sewing department, too. Today I hope to finish hand stitching the binding to the back of the waving flag I'm doing for Mitch. Only have 2 sides to go and it will be done. Picture of the flag is in last weeks post.

Have a pot of chicken noodle soup on the stove - smells good.

Our grandson, Nate's son, has a birthday today - forget which one!

Till next week - stay well and take care.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn Leaves Mantle Cover - This + That

Good Sunday Morning! Kind of dreary looking out there this morning, some talk of rain but it sounds very 'iffy'. We do need rain, yards are brownish, flowers are fading and dropping off.
Chet got so disgusted with his Topsy Turvey tomato gadget that he cut the vines off. Never did see even a blossom on it! My potted plant produced a few small and tasteless tomato's and I think he disposed of that, too! He gets out the riding mower and trailer and rides around the yard, looking for downed branches, papers or litter that may have blown onto our yard - he does this at least three times a week. Guess it's the male urge to drive something!

Nothing special going on here - kids must be fine - haven't heard from them! A good sign, I guess. I did speak with Mark briefly - he was getting for a party on the beach on Saturday night.

Picture below is the Waving Flag I'm working on for Mitch. It is ready for quilting but I'm having a senior moment and can't remember how I quilted the other two I made.

First day of Fall is officially Wednesday. So this morning I decided to change fireplace mantel scarves. Pictured below is the stack of quilts and wall hangings, baby and doll quilts, I had to go through to find it.

After a few minutes of searching and telling myself how ashamed I should be of having a mess like this, it showed up. So I did a quick decorating job and fixed up the mantle. I love fall and this will stay on till Thanksgiving time when I'll hunt for the C'mas scarf. Just noticed one of the candles is leaning! Oh well!

Till next week - take care.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This and That

Chet is humming while making himself a sandwich- he's getting ready for the Colts game which begins in about half an hour! He can get so wrapped up in football!
We've enjoyed fall like temperatures this week and managed to get a lot done - usual errands and dentist appts. Thursday I went to the Block of the Month meeting in Rushville. Chet went to a nearby casino with the people across the street - I think he did win a bit this time - he's got 'the look' on his face when I ask!
This week will be busy, too. Quilt Guild meeting Monday, Annual check ups, blood work and the 'girls' will have their picture taken, too.
I had computer problems and my 'guru' spent a couple of hours here this morning and it looks like he was able to fix the problem.
Have no idea how the kids are. I did remember to send birthday cards to Amanda and Paul and will send to J.D. and Jonathan we they come closer. And of course we remember our baby sister Karen who's birthday was on the 10th - we hope she's enjoying her angel wings!
I have managed to sew just a bit - am working on a wall hanging for Mitch. Name of the pattern is "Let It Wave" by Becky and Me - site is at (if interested). I have the two strip sets made and hope to get back to it soon.
Time to find something for my lunch - have a good week.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome Fall Temperatures!

We've had a week of cooler temps and it is just wonderful. Leaves aren't turning yet but it won't be long; the beans and corn are drying and will soon be harvested, too. I even cooked a pot of vegetable beef soup this week!

To celebrate Fall I took the Summer nap quilt off my bed and dug out my favorite quilt - Fallen Leaves, made a couple of years ago! I found myself 'reading' the quilt instead of snuggling under it and napping. This is truly a multi-fabric quilt! Picture below.

Close up of a block.

Back of quilt.
I am slowly getting the binding handsewn to the back of a quilt - seems like the quilt is really big but it isn't! Am hoping to finish it up this week and have a picture next week.
We have spent the week trying to get the house and yard in shape - an impossible dream, I think! Haven't chatted with the kids this week - heard Nate & Deanie were going on an extended bike ride and Mark was going to the river (near Cincinnati) and visit (party) with friends.
Till next week - bye now and thanks for stopping in.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Wisconsin-Michigan Trip

Hi family and friends - it's always fun to take a trip but it's good to be back in your own home again. Mark (bless his heart) had time off coming so decided to take 'the old folks' for a ride. And it was a long ride but enjoyable. Pictures are of family, friends and scenery!

Milwaukee skyline at sunset.

Chicago skyline - Sears Tower.

Diane's parents, Peter and Sally and Chet and myself. We visited with them on Saturday - lovely weather in the Upper Peninsula!

Ludington Yacht Harbor in Escanaba, Michigan. When we lived there we were just a couple of blocks from the harbor and park.

Chet, Mitch, myself and Paul

Chet, Amanda, myself and Mark.

Amanda was off to college - classes don't begin till next week but she's on the tennis team and team members have to be there two weeks early for practice. We met her and a friend for lunch on our way home on Sunday.

Lovely trip - thanks to Mark for doing all the driving. (FYI - my 16 year old car got 29.? miles per gallon!)
Have a good week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rocky Mountain Sampler Block #9

I bit the bullet and made the 9th block for the Rocky Mountain Sampler. Only 3 more to go!

Have a good day!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This & That Father - Son Project

Starting another week - and close to starting another new month. I decided to blog just a bit earlier this week. Really nothing exciting or eventful happening here.

Tuesday I took the car out for a wash, filled up the tank and had the oil changed. The fellas doing the oil change told me the AC pump was leaking ( I didn't even know the AC had a pump) so I spoke with Mark and he knows of a fellow near me that works on cars "on the side" and this scares me. I can be without a car for a day or two, but working "on the side" doesn't appeal to me. So first thing Monday I'll have to find someone to check it out. We still plan to run up to see Mitch, Diane and Paul (Amanda is off to school - on the tennis team and they go early.) I also hope to take a ride on the go-cart pictured below.

Mitch's father-in-law was/is a collector. This go-cart was found in his barn and Mitch and Paul decided to see if it'd work. He said they had to unstick the valves off they went. The engine is a 1949 /Wisconsin 6hp. (For some reason I couldn't make the photo larger - sorry!.

And a close up of Paul.

Have done a bit of sewing - nothing worth taking pictures of tho. I did have a nice visit with Sister Ellen a day or two ago - she'd been off to the Senior Center - making donation quilts and items for their boutique. She's such a perky thing!

Signing off for this week - Paul Newman movies marathon and The Sting is on right now. Have a cool and safe weekend.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So Lazy and So Confused

Many people won't admit to forgetting something or being confused, etc. Since I'm not one of them, I will bear my latest here.

The football game wasn't last week - it was today. Have no idea who won tho.

I've been numbering the blocks for the Rocky Mountain Sampler wrong for quite a while. I think we are doing 9 now - but don't quote me on that. Usually I start on the block within a day or two of getting the pattern but I've not looked at it since we met on Thursday. But I have a good excuse.

I picked up a quilt from my longarm quilter gal and it's gorgeous. She does such great work. This is a black, white, red and gray quilt. I've made the binding but haven't had energy to stitch it on and finish it up.

I'm blogging late today just because I'm lazy; have no pictures to post either. My sister Amy called to see if we were alright and we chatted for quite a while. Hopefully next week I'll have pictures and more to chat about. The post may be late because we are planning a quick out of state trip.

Till next week - take care.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Football and Toes.

Hi Family and Friends,

We have had a quiet week, a few days cool enough to turn off the AC but I see Chet has turned it on again today. I guess it's to have a comfortable room while he roots for the Colts vs. 49ers football game today. J.D. is a 49ers fan and am sure he'll be glued to a TV too - he's in Bloomington, finishing up a couple of summer classes. Chet has a few snacks ready to go so he'll be happy.

The Peyton Manning Fat Head board is still in the TV room.

I did not manage to stitch an inch this week but hope to do a bit of sewing today. I am having a hard time getting excited about sewing and quilting lately. But am sure the mojo will return with cooler weather. So no new quilt photos today.

I did take some 'me time' and go have a manicure and a pedicure - as you can see from my picture, I choose an autumn color for my toes. I enjoyed the procedures until the gal turned on the vibrating chair. Almost jumped out of the chair - being a short person the rolling balls in the chair hit me in wrong spots. I didn't tip her - she nipped my toes in three places and drew blood. She never even said she was sorry and tried to hide it. Oh well, my toes do look nice! Don't you think so.

Till next week, thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ah - Fall is closer!

Hi Family & Friends
I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures we're experiencing the past few days. We turned the AC's off and opened doors and windows. Unfortunately, the heat will return sometime this week.
Report on the young man who had the diving accident last week. Mark went up to see him and found that he is paralyzed but couldn't find out if it's complete paralysis. The fella's mom had been there but he just missed her; a cousin and his girlfriend were there but didn't have a lot of information to pass on. There were two vertebra completely out of line and they were fused. He is on a 'backboard' and when Mark was there he was 'face down'. Mark left for a bit to see if he could find the mom but she was no where to be found. He went back to the room and the fella had been turned, face up. He is on a respirator and couldn't talk and he could not acknowledge Mark. So Mark will go and visit him sometime this week.
Haven't been in touch with the other three 'children'. Am wondering if Nate came back from the Bikers Boogie - maybe he ran away? (Just kidding.) Imagine everyone is okay or we'd have heard something!
Friend Pat called and asked if I wanted to go for a ride in the country - she's writing a column on a church celebrating it's 175th anniversary. So we took off looking for the church, she had good directions and we found it without a problem.

We didn't see any wild animals but thought there might be stills or meth labs in some of those old barns!

On our way back we stopped at the Westport Covered Bridge. It's been restored since I last saw it on a school trip with Tracy and her class. And that was a long time ago!

I finally got back to doing a bit of sewing. The C'mas Log Cabin quilt got it's binding. It is not a pretty quilt! I ran it through the washer and dryer this morning, thinking it might look a bit better - but it didn't. The quilt is folded in fourths in the picture - it measures something in the vicinity of 60 x 70". Like I always say "it will keep someone warm."

Time to go - must write checks to pay bills. Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Visit - Block #7 Finished

Son Mitch spent a few days with us last weekend. We enjoyed having him here after not seeing him for about a year. He seems to have to be busy most of the time and found a lot of things to do around the house. Father and Son pictured below.

Son Nate hasn't check in for a week or so - he's probably still recuperating from the Bikers Boogie - he spent about ten days there, setting up and taking down stands and so forth and am sure he enjoyed the middle part of the week - play days. It was beastly hot all the while.
Mark spent a couple of days at the Boogie and then went sailing with a friend for a day. Mark is a hero. (Course I've always known that.) Yesterday he was at the beach and noticed a young man preparing to dive off the raft. There is to be no diving as the water is quite shallow in that area. The young man didn't hear Mark yelling at him and dove in. Mark arrived just as he surfaced - face down. So Mark turned him over; the fella said he couldn't feel his arms or legs and his back hurt. So Mark held him up, hands propping the neck until a helicopter arrived from Indianapolis. (About half an hour.) It was a first visit to the lake for this fella and his friends so they obviously didn't notice the No Diving sign. Mark gave the fellas friend his cell phone number and asked to be kept updated. Later he heard from one of them and learned he had two broken vertebra, close to his neck and it was/is possible he may be paralyzed. I imagine Mark will be making a trip to see him in a week or two.
Tracy called yesterday - to wish her dad a Happy B'day. The big day was the 23rd but he accepts calls anytime! Tracy and Anna were getting ready to go for a run - well, Tracy will run and Anna was setting up a lemonade stand!
Photo below is block #7 of the Rocky Mountain Sampler, Block of the Month quilt I'm working on. I usually don't like to drag out a quilt this long but over half done now so I'll grin and bear it.
All fabrics are from my stash - and I am seeing a bit of reduction in the stash!

Time to sign off and find something for lunch. Have a good week and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out of State Visotors

Hi from rainy Indiana. We can use the rain so I'm not going to complain about the weather. (But it has been awfully hot, t00!) Tracy and Anna Grace left on Sunday morning and they had plans to visit a cave or two on the way home; they arrived back in Hattiesburg about 12:30 on Monday. They did have a bit of excitement on the way home. They stopped for gas and suddenly many sirens were blaring, they counted 22 State Police, Sheriff cars and local police cars roaring down the highway - it appears they were on a very high speed chase. They were all headed in the direction Tracy had just come from! Guess they had an angel on their shoulders.

On Sunday evening Palmer, Lois, Becky and Aaron arrived. We had our supper and visited for a bit and Becky and Aaron left for Lafayette, they had an appointment to visit Purdue Monday morning and a visit to Butler, in Indianapolis that afternoon. Palmer and Lois stayed here and we ate, visited, ate, took a ride and ate some more! We even managed to take short naps! Mark came at 4:00 and we took them to Indianapolis to meet up with Becky & Aaron. We had our dinner at a cute restaurant - food would have been good but it was cold! Oh well, we did our best. The onion rings were perfect! We said our good byes and took off in opposite directions. They got back to Michigan at about 11:00 and we got home by 6:00. Nate didn't get to see them because he's at the Bikers Boogie since last Saturday. Mark was packing up to go on Wednesday. He had plans to go sailing today and will be back in town tomorrow.

Mitch arrived Friday afternoon and it's great to see him - it's been a year since we last saw him. He is such a handy man - the header lining in my car was coming loose and he fixed that. Also having trouble with the trim on the trunk of my car and he figured out a way to fix that, too. We also have two wasps nests and he found a spray to kill the wasps and will take down their little 'home'! He's gone to church this morning with Chet and Paul (transportation provider).

Below are a couple of pictures of the Arizona/Michigan visitors.

The group - aren't we just the smilingest people you've seen in a long time? LOL

Nope - no sewing since Anna Grace was here and made her pillow! Haven't "stitched an inch" in a while - but projects are waiting to be finished and more ideas are popping into my head!

That's it for now - stay well!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tracy & Anna's Visit

No pictures last week - well I'm bombarding you with them this week! Tracy and Anna arrived here on Wednesday, late afternoon. Nate stopped by in the morning and visited with them.

Anna had to get her 'sewing with Grandma Joan' session in so she made a pillow using quilt blocks I'd made as a sample a few weeks ago.

We had to go play a round of miniature golf and have some delicious ice cream at the Sweet Shop.
Josh, a neighbor, Anna & Tracy in the far ground.

Friday afternoon we went out to Mark's and spent the afternoon on the beach at Lake Santee.
The fellow to the left is playing a kettle drum (I think that's what they're called.) And some brave people did the Limbo!

Mark doing the Limbo. They moved too fast for me to get good pictures!

Tracy, Anna and Mark swimming behind the pontoon.

One of Mark's friends has a water slide so Mark took us over there and he and Anna had a couple of quick slides!

Swimming back to the pontoon after the water slide venture.
Tia was also there but missed her in pictures - friends of her's were there and she was off with them from time to time.
JD was here for the weekend, he was 'best man' for a friends wedding.
Saturday night JD, Nate & Deanie, Tracy & Anna went to the fair. She came home with a gold fish which is traveling back to Mississippi with them today.
We are expecting Palmer & Lois, Becky & Aaron any time now. Becky & Aaron will be visiting Purdue and Butler colleges.
Mitch is planning to come Friday and stay will Monday. Be great to see him again!
Nate & Deanie are out of town till a week from Monday - attending the Bikers Boogie! And that's all I'll say about the Boogie!
Till next week - stay well and cool. Thanks for stopping by.