Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Snow ! ! !

We are still having winter and I know I shouldn't complain because the relatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin are battling the snow and cold as well - and they're not feeling sorry for us at all. And then there are those relatives in Arizona and Mississippi that kind of smirk and no sympathy from them either! Oh - what's a Hoosier to do! I've not ventured out of the house since Thursday - not even to the mailbox. Chet went on Friday and I noticed the mailman passed us by yesterday, so I didn't even bother to go get the daily paper! Instead, I put on a pot of chicken noodle, vegetable soup and headed off to my sanctuary - my sewing corner. . . . or The Hole, as the dear sons call it!
Earlier in the week I dug out a box of quilt blocks I'd made a while ago. . . had 24 of these Maple Leave blocks, so made another bunch (76, I think) and put together the quilt top shown below. Then back into the closet for the bin of solid color fabrics and found enough of the gold and burgundy to put borders on it. The top now measures 55" by 66" and I will take it to the longarm quilter sometime this week. I have another quilt there, ready to be picked up and bound and then added to the ever growing stack of quilts in the closet.

Mark celebrated his birthday in Kentucky, he was sent by the plant to take inventory there, he left Wednesday and was due back Friday. We spoke briefly the morning of his b'day. Mitch called to get Mark's cell phone number and we had a nice visit - Mitch, who never complains about the weather was fed up with it, too. They were going to go to their cottage for the weekend - further north from where they are now. But they love all the seasons and take advantage of them. Everyone there is fine. Also had a chat with Tracy and they're fine, too. Her work is stressful and they are short of help. She's settling into her new home and doing things "her way". J.D. checks in with us every week or so - he's carrying a full load of classes and burning the midnight oil. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments.
Surfing the Internet keeps getting me in trouble. So many pretty quilts and I think I'd like to make them all! I complain about all the fabric in my stash but am so thankful that I shopped like a mad woman years ago. Found a picture of a quilt made of flying geese units and I find them just so perky. . . so 240 flying geese units later, I began to make the blocks.

The units are sewn into sets of three, then corners are added to make a square block and four of these blocks sewn together will form an even larger block, these blocks are sewn together, and magically another quilt top is made! There are 1040 pieces in this quilt - and I may be adding borders to have a larger size throw.

I'm having my lunch while updating my blog - being careful not to spill! Almost nap time - am debating if I should have dessert now - or after my nap! Maybe a small slice now and another after my nap? ? ? /

Till next week - stay warm and safe.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello from the Hoosiers

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! I found a package of the little Valentines that I bought many years ago to send to the Grandkids - guess what - I sent some to them again. I'll bet it's been a long time since they got Mickey & Minnie Mouse Valentines! Sister Amy made a valentine for me - and she was digging in the archives, too. She managed to come up with a picture of "the four girls" dressed in their Sunday best (hats and all) taken when we lived on the farm! Now - that's OLD!

Am showing you a picture of how our kitchen table is "decorated" for the month! I still have my snowman collection on the fireplace mantle - need to do something about that soon!

We've had really nice weather this week - ventured out for a ride a couple of times. And of course the usual weekly errands. We even visited Long John Silver's for fish sandwiches one afternoon. This morning I had to go to Wal Mart - Chet went in to shop on Friday and picked up some jeans - well, he's bigger than he thought he was so had to exchange them this morning. Ho Hum!

My quilt guild met on Monday, eleven gals were there - nice weather brings us all out. There was a lot of show and tell (also known as Drag & Brag).

And in my sewing corner of the world, I dug into the remnants bin and came up with some cute fabrics to stitch into goodies for the Wisconsin Grandchildren. I mailed the folders on Friday - so watch for a package, kids. The fish fabric folder is for Paul, made of leftovers from donation quilt backs that I did a while ago. And the pink/burgundy (for Mandy) sailboat and lighthouse print is leftovers from another quilt backing. Hope she likes it, too.

There was still a good chunk of the sailboat print so decided to make another basket and then a duffel bag style cosmetic case. Now to find a box to mail them in - back to the grocery store and see the box boy!

Chet's home and it's lunch time - so bye till next week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pictures and More Pictures

I finally took some time this morning to take pictures of recent project finishes. Oh, it feels so good to say something is DONE! The first two pictures are the pastels/white Log Cabin quilt - I used a bias stripe fabric, in lavender, for the binding. . . that was a big quilt to get bound! But it's so neat to look at all the different fabrics in it and remember what they went into, before they became a scrap! Caroline M. quilted this and used variegated aquas thread - it is so perky!

This quilt made of leftovers (except for the polka dot fabrics) was scrap from a pillowcase I made for one of the Grandchildren. It is a donation quilt and I quilted it
Another donation quilt - again "leftovers" except for the polka dot fabrics. I quilted this quilt with my domestic machine.

The next quilt was made from a book by Bonnie Hunter - Mistress of The pattern is in her first book - and my copy is personally autographed! How about that? I did make some changes from her pattern. Chet has this on his bed. . . he eyed it all the while I was stitching the binding to the back - it has brushed flannel for the back. Carolyn quilted it for me - she used a variegated browns/beige's thread and it looks so nice. Now the fabrics in this quilt aren't scraps - they were part of my "plaids collection" - - and there is enough in that collection to do a couple more quilts.

Below are photos of my small, finish in one sitting, projects. The Internet is wonderful, but it sure leads me into temptation - good thing I have a big fabric stash! I had to make a basket and matching binder for myself. A gal from Canada, who used to frequent the Fabric Stash Chat Room, knows of my addiction to Coke. Her mother passed away and while going through her belongs, came across this Coke fabric - she sent it to me so I thought this was the perfect way to use it up. I think there is about an 8" square left. The pattern is at:
(If this doesn't work for you, type it in manually - the link is "broke" and may not work for you.) I first heard of this goody from Mary at This is a Yahoo Group dedicated to making donation quilts - she asked someone to make one for her - wonder if she was successful! I did manage to find the mechanical colored pencils by Crayola at Staples - not easy to find among all the Crayola products! Be sure to check out all the projects at this site - neat ideas.

I also made one for Tracy and it matches the basket I sent to her a couple of weeks ago (forgot to take a picture of it tho) and it has gold pockets; the blue check with red plaid inside is for Jon and Anna Grace gets the flashy one with pink for the inside pockets.

I'm tired - sewing is such hard work! For lunch the last of the soup was consumed so it's time to cook again! Darn - I'd rather be sewing!
Enjoy the pictures - sorry they're not very good - colors are much nicer in person. Till next time - - - stay well.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Busy Day - Posting Late

All's well at our house this week. Our snow is all gone today but I suspect we will be seeing more before Spring! Yesterday we went out before noon and did some errands - banking, drug store and of course groceries. I hate to get groceries - so I reward myself! I buy apple fritters! I daintily cut it up into bite size pieces and nibble it slowly, to make it last a long time! I bought ingredients for a big pot of soup - dug out my precious electric dutch oven (yes, it's avocado green) and made a vegetable beef soup. It simmer slowly all afternoon and the aroma had Chet drooling for hours! A pot of soup allows me to spend time in my sewing corner!

The Internet and all it's resources lead me into temptation. If I see something cute or hear that someone made something and post a website, I simply must check it out! And that's how the fabric baskets came to be - pictures in last week's post. Someone mentioned an Airplane Art Binder. Of course my curiosity was peaked and I checked it out - loved it and made one up in wild colors. . . then this morning I decided to do another and while looking for fabrics for it I can across a piece of Coke print fabric. Love my cokes, so decided to do one for myself, too. I cut and pressed and stitched and in two hours I had them finished. I need to go to Staples and pick up a packet of paper and the mechanical colored pencils to put in them. I'll send two to Mississippi for Tracy and Anna Grace and keep the other one. No pictures yet - but will take some soon and post them. If you'd like to take a peek, go to: I sure hope this link works! Tracy's binder matches the basket I sent last week.
Since I have no new photos to post, I'll go back into the archives and find something for you all to look at.

This picture was taken at J.D.'s high school graduation party - don't know who the guy in the back, second from left is tho - - one of Nate's biker buddies, I think!

Anna Grace, Uncle Mark and Jonathan - this was taken on one of their summer visits.

That's all for now folks. . . . check back during the week for photos. Stay well and warm.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ah - A New Month

We came through our first measurable snow, which was followed by ice and then another snow fall. We had sort of prepared to be snowed in for a few days and all went well. Chet did run low on snacks and was starting to worry but he settled down when he heard the snow plows and later our neighbor clearing our driveway! I had errands to run and braved the Hoosier drivers and went to the bank, grocery store and filled up the car with gas. No problems until a woman, on a cell phone, pulled out in front of me onto main street. We were within five feet of "touching!" I kept my poise - didn't even honk much less use a few choice words.

Mark had some challenges coming into town for work. He drives a truck and rescued a few coworkers who had gone off the icy roads into the ditch. We did have very cold temps and Nate had trouble starting vehicles at his house. Hmm - I remember him having a triple car garage and now I'm wondering why they don't use it for their cars . . . oh, that's right! MOTORCYCLES live in there!

Today a friend and I went out for brunch and drove about 20 miles north to take advantage of Super Bowl Sunday sale at the quilt shop. It was a lovely day, sun shining and we had a great brunch. Did find a handful of Fat Quarters (I needed to restock my blues and reds - and then there were some wonderful greens and rusty oranges and - - - ). We got back to town and stopped at a grocery store and then came on home.

The picture below was taken at the quilt shop - I am absolutely no good when it comes to editing photos - however, Caroline, the long arm quilter gal, smile came through. I took another picture of the shop owner checking out a customer but it was too dark and blurry to use. . . sorry Cathy! Maybe next time!

I did sew this week but forgot to take pictures. I did spend last weekend hand stitching binding to the back of a quilt. That quilt was 82" square and it was so cozy sitting in my recliner stitching away! I had to fix a box to send to Tracy, Anna Grace and Jon - had the box all taped up and remembered I forgot to take pictures! Oh well! Last week I posted pictures of the fabric baskets I made, well, I made another one for Tracy. Then I remembered some gals chatting about neat coasters, so I surfed till I found the pattern and made several using the same fabrics as I used for the baskets. The criss-cross coasters pattern is at and the fabric basket pattern can be found at The Pink Penguin - just "google" it!

Chet has had football on all day - - I will watch the commercials but that's it for me. I will be hand stitching binding to the back of the pastels/whites Log Cabin quilt. And if I tire of that, I can always knit another washcloth.

Till next week - - stay well, warm and safe.