Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Snow ! ! !

We are still having winter and I know I shouldn't complain because the relatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin are battling the snow and cold as well - and they're not feeling sorry for us at all. And then there are those relatives in Arizona and Mississippi that kind of smirk and no sympathy from them either! Oh - what's a Hoosier to do! I've not ventured out of the house since Thursday - not even to the mailbox. Chet went on Friday and I noticed the mailman passed us by yesterday, so I didn't even bother to go get the daily paper! Instead, I put on a pot of chicken noodle, vegetable soup and headed off to my sanctuary - my sewing corner. . . . or The Hole, as the dear sons call it!
Earlier in the week I dug out a box of quilt blocks I'd made a while ago. . . had 24 of these Maple Leave blocks, so made another bunch (76, I think) and put together the quilt top shown below. Then back into the closet for the bin of solid color fabrics and found enough of the gold and burgundy to put borders on it. The top now measures 55" by 66" and I will take it to the longarm quilter sometime this week. I have another quilt there, ready to be picked up and bound and then added to the ever growing stack of quilts in the closet.

Mark celebrated his birthday in Kentucky, he was sent by the plant to take inventory there, he left Wednesday and was due back Friday. We spoke briefly the morning of his b'day. Mitch called to get Mark's cell phone number and we had a nice visit - Mitch, who never complains about the weather was fed up with it, too. They were going to go to their cottage for the weekend - further north from where they are now. But they love all the seasons and take advantage of them. Everyone there is fine. Also had a chat with Tracy and they're fine, too. Her work is stressful and they are short of help. She's settling into her new home and doing things "her way". J.D. checks in with us every week or so - he's carrying a full load of classes and burning the midnight oil. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments.
Surfing the Internet keeps getting me in trouble. So many pretty quilts and I think I'd like to make them all! I complain about all the fabric in my stash but am so thankful that I shopped like a mad woman years ago. Found a picture of a quilt made of flying geese units and I find them just so perky. . . so 240 flying geese units later, I began to make the blocks.

The units are sewn into sets of three, then corners are added to make a square block and four of these blocks sewn together will form an even larger block, these blocks are sewn together, and magically another quilt top is made! There are 1040 pieces in this quilt - and I may be adding borders to have a larger size throw.

I'm having my lunch while updating my blog - being careful not to spill! Almost nap time - am debating if I should have dessert now - or after my nap! Maybe a small slice now and another after my nap? ? ? /

Till next week - stay warm and safe.


Mimi said...

Hi Joan...Love your blog and quilts !! I've been trying to get into FS room and can't. While I was in there one day I got bumped and now wonder if it is gone forever ??

Mary said...

Joan, I love Flying geese, can't wait to see the finished quilt!