Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ah - A New Month

We came through our first measurable snow, which was followed by ice and then another snow fall. We had sort of prepared to be snowed in for a few days and all went well. Chet did run low on snacks and was starting to worry but he settled down when he heard the snow plows and later our neighbor clearing our driveway! I had errands to run and braved the Hoosier drivers and went to the bank, grocery store and filled up the car with gas. No problems until a woman, on a cell phone, pulled out in front of me onto main street. We were within five feet of "touching!" I kept my poise - didn't even honk much less use a few choice words.

Mark had some challenges coming into town for work. He drives a truck and rescued a few coworkers who had gone off the icy roads into the ditch. We did have very cold temps and Nate had trouble starting vehicles at his house. Hmm - I remember him having a triple car garage and now I'm wondering why they don't use it for their cars . . . oh, that's right! MOTORCYCLES live in there!

Today a friend and I went out for brunch and drove about 20 miles north to take advantage of Super Bowl Sunday sale at the quilt shop. It was a lovely day, sun shining and we had a great brunch. Did find a handful of Fat Quarters (I needed to restock my blues and reds - and then there were some wonderful greens and rusty oranges and - - - ). We got back to town and stopped at a grocery store and then came on home.

The picture below was taken at the quilt shop - I am absolutely no good when it comes to editing photos - however, Caroline, the long arm quilter gal, smile came through. I took another picture of the shop owner checking out a customer but it was too dark and blurry to use. . . sorry Cathy! Maybe next time!

I did sew this week but forgot to take pictures. I did spend last weekend hand stitching binding to the back of a quilt. That quilt was 82" square and it was so cozy sitting in my recliner stitching away! I had to fix a box to send to Tracy, Anna Grace and Jon - had the box all taped up and remembered I forgot to take pictures! Oh well! Last week I posted pictures of the fabric baskets I made, well, I made another one for Tracy. Then I remembered some gals chatting about neat coasters, so I surfed till I found the pattern and made several using the same fabrics as I used for the baskets. The criss-cross coasters pattern is at and the fabric basket pattern can be found at The Pink Penguin - just "google" it!

Chet has had football on all day - - I will watch the commercials but that's it for me. I will be hand stitching binding to the back of the pastels/whites Log Cabin quilt. And if I tire of that, I can always knit another washcloth.

Till next week - - stay well, warm and safe.


Marge said...

HI Joan, Always nice to read your comments on your blog. I will be sending Laine's Fat Qtr. out today and maybe a knitted dish cloth too. I also went to a couple of quilts shops on Sat. for their super bowl sales. Yeh!! I needed fabric. LOL have a nice day. mic-pa

Sunna Reyr said...

Hi,I came by from the Quiltville chat. You have a nice blog and your quilts are just beautiful. The stars in the star quilt look to me, to be so complicated, but they sure are awesome.
Sunna in Iceland.