Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello from the Hoosiers

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! I found a package of the little Valentines that I bought many years ago to send to the Grandkids - guess what - I sent some to them again. I'll bet it's been a long time since they got Mickey & Minnie Mouse Valentines! Sister Amy made a valentine for me - and she was digging in the archives, too. She managed to come up with a picture of "the four girls" dressed in their Sunday best (hats and all) taken when we lived on the farm! Now - that's OLD!

Am showing you a picture of how our kitchen table is "decorated" for the month! I still have my snowman collection on the fireplace mantle - need to do something about that soon!

We've had really nice weather this week - ventured out for a ride a couple of times. And of course the usual weekly errands. We even visited Long John Silver's for fish sandwiches one afternoon. This morning I had to go to Wal Mart - Chet went in to shop on Friday and picked up some jeans - well, he's bigger than he thought he was so had to exchange them this morning. Ho Hum!

My quilt guild met on Monday, eleven gals were there - nice weather brings us all out. There was a lot of show and tell (also known as Drag & Brag).

And in my sewing corner of the world, I dug into the remnants bin and came up with some cute fabrics to stitch into goodies for the Wisconsin Grandchildren. I mailed the folders on Friday - so watch for a package, kids. The fish fabric folder is for Paul, made of leftovers from donation quilt backs that I did a while ago. And the pink/burgundy (for Mandy) sailboat and lighthouse print is leftovers from another quilt backing. Hope she likes it, too.

There was still a good chunk of the sailboat print so decided to make another basket and then a duffel bag style cosmetic case. Now to find a box to mail them in - back to the grocery store and see the box boy!

Chet's home and it's lunch time - so bye till next week.

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