Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pictures and More Pictures

I finally took some time this morning to take pictures of recent project finishes. Oh, it feels so good to say something is DONE! The first two pictures are the pastels/white Log Cabin quilt - I used a bias stripe fabric, in lavender, for the binding. . . that was a big quilt to get bound! But it's so neat to look at all the different fabrics in it and remember what they went into, before they became a scrap! Caroline M. quilted this and used variegated aquas thread - it is so perky!

This quilt made of leftovers (except for the polka dot fabrics) was scrap from a pillowcase I made for one of the Grandchildren. It is a donation quilt and I quilted it
Another donation quilt - again "leftovers" except for the polka dot fabrics. I quilted this quilt with my domestic machine.

The next quilt was made from a book by Bonnie Hunter - Mistress of Quiltville.com. The pattern is in her first book - and my copy is personally autographed! How about that? I did make some changes from her pattern. Chet has this on his bed. . . he eyed it all the while I was stitching the binding to the back - it has brushed flannel for the back. Carolyn quilted it for me - she used a variegated browns/beige's thread and it looks so nice. Now the fabrics in this quilt aren't scraps - they were part of my "plaids collection" - - and there is enough in that collection to do a couple more quilts.

Below are photos of my small, finish in one sitting, projects. The Internet is wonderful, but it sure leads me into temptation - good thing I have a big fabric stash! I had to make a basket and matching binder for myself. A gal from Canada, who used to frequent the Fabric Stash Chat Room, knows of my addiction to Coke. Her mother passed away and while going through her belongs, came across this Coke fabric - she sent it to me so I thought this was the perfect way to use it up. I think there is about an 8" square left. The pattern is at: http://terryatkinson.typepad.com/atkinsondesigns/w008/12/airplane-art-binder.html
(If this doesn't work for you, type it in manually - the link is "broke" and may not work for you.) I first heard of this goody from Mary at Heartstrings.com. This is a Yahoo Group dedicated to making donation quilts - she asked someone to make one for her - wonder if she was successful! I did manage to find the mechanical colored pencils by Crayola at Staples - not easy to find among all the Crayola products! Be sure to check out all the projects at this site - neat ideas.

I also made one for Tracy and it matches the basket I sent to her a couple of weeks ago (forgot to take a picture of it tho) and it has gold pockets; the blue check with red plaid inside is for Jon and Anna Grace gets the flashy one with pink for the inside pockets.

I'm tired - sewing is such hard work! For lunch the last of the soup was consumed so it's time to cook again! Darn - I'd rather be sewing!
Enjoy the pictures - sorry they're not very good - colors are much nicer in person. Till next time - - - stay well.

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Patty said...

Hi Joan,
Thanks for the link to your blog. You made good use of the Coke fabric. I think my mom would be pleased. :)