Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone
I was feeling bad because I had no pictures to post and not a lot to say. But as the Trick and Treaters began ringing the doorbell the 'light went on' in my head and I decided to take pictures of some of the kids. We had lots of bees, ballerinas, mummies and even a dog with pink fairy wings and a matching purse. I bought a couple of big bags of candy a few weeks ago and stashed them away. This morning the man in the house got out our big bowl and the bags of candy - it appears we have a mouse or two in the house that really like candy. There is just enough left to fill the bowl - - amazing, I never saw a candy wrapper around tho! Oh well - guess he enjoyed it more than the kids. I'm estimating we've had at least 50 kids out here and still another two hours to go. My front light will be turned off at 7:00 unless the candy is gone before then.

Till next week - be safe.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Weekend

Hi Family and Friends,

Not only are we enjoying lovely fall color and temperatures, we are enjoying seeing our sons and one of our grandsons. Mitch and JD arrived Friday night, Nate and Deanie also came over to visit. I've not been up till 11:00 for a long, long time.

I put JD in charge of pictures, telling him I need some for my blog. I hope to get a picture of the three sons together - just didn't think of it on Saturday. The first picture is his car, he just recently bought it.

And this neat truck is Mark's - also a recent purchase.

We needed to replace the commode in the small bathroom so the 'boys' went shopping and installed this gem for us. It's one of the higher ones - makes it easier for old-timers to get up from. Here's Mark and Mitch setting it up and then the throne in it's royal position. (They tell me it works fine - I've not tried it.)

Haven't done any sewing all week so nothing to show off or brag about. But I will get back to it soon - have a quilt waiting for it's final border.

That's it for this week - thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This & That

We are enjoying fall temperatures and a lot of color with the leaves changing. I'd like to see the lovely colors for a longer time though!

I am still dealing with health issues - treatment will be decided on this week. Thanks for all the good wishes, prayers and cards. The local sons have been doing a lot for us and we sure appreciate that. The out-of-state kids have been calling regularly as have other family members. Mitch is planning to come for the weekend.

I decided it was time to take some pictures of what I've been working on the past few weeks. I did finish the Waving Flag. Picture below is Block # 10 for the Rocky Mountain Sampler. It is a pretty block and went together fairly easy. In fact, I think it's the prettiest block of the bunch!

This is the equilateral quilt top I've had in the works for almost two months now. I added left over batiks from the pyramids inside the top, as borders. I plan to add a solid black outer border - fabric is in the washer right now. May be my 'after my nap' project today!

I have a large collection of batik and hand dyed fabrics I'd like to do in something special and have spent time looking through my books. The book shown below is full of ideas but nothing really grabs me right now. New York Beauty keeps wandering into my mind! Or maybe the Drunkards Path blocks. . . .
Till next time - take care everyone.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome October

Friends and relatives - I am dealing with some health issues and will not be posting as often as usual. But if I do manage to sew something worth bragging about, I will!

Take care and be good to yourself!