Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone
I was feeling bad because I had no pictures to post and not a lot to say. But as the Trick and Treaters began ringing the doorbell the 'light went on' in my head and I decided to take pictures of some of the kids. We had lots of bees, ballerinas, mummies and even a dog with pink fairy wings and a matching purse. I bought a couple of big bags of candy a few weeks ago and stashed them away. This morning the man in the house got out our big bowl and the bags of candy - it appears we have a mouse or two in the house that really like candy. There is just enough left to fill the bowl - - amazing, I never saw a candy wrapper around tho! Oh well - guess he enjoyed it more than the kids. I'm estimating we've had at least 50 kids out here and still another two hours to go. My front light will be turned off at 7:00 unless the candy is gone before then.

Till next week - be safe.

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