Sunday, November 14, 2010

Too Tired To Post - A Bit Of Sewing

Yes, I was too tired to do a post last week - and I see several of you visited the blog and checked up on me. I continue to deal with health issues and will for a while to come. Thanks to those of you who sent well wishes, thoughts and prayers my way. I really do appreciate it.
We've had some lovely weather - in the 70's a couple of days last week and that was a treat. The family has been keeping in touch and most of them will be here Thanksgiving weekend. Be a treat to see them all together again. Mark is taking Chet to a Colts football game that weekend and Chet is all fired up and ready to go.
Belated Happy Birthday wishes to sister Ellen and brother Wally - and anyone I may have missed. . . I do have b'day cards for you - right in front of me now!
I haven't had too much energy but did do a bit of sewing this past week. Block #11 for the Rocky Mountain Sampler is now complete and shown below.
This morning I pulled fabrics and cut for block #12 - the final block for the sampler. Pieces are laid out and ready to be sewn together. It took 2 1/2 hours to sew up block #11 and this one has more pieces so imagine it will take a bit longer to stitch together. This is just the center section, know as Card Tricks and finished, it will measure 6" - can you see the pattern?

The blocks finish at 12" each so it will be a nice throw size. I do have to find border fabrics to finish it off. Picture below is showing the cut pieces for the outside of the block. I hope it's a pretty quilt as I've just not been too fired up about this quilt. I think the idea of having the fabric, directions and etc. laying around for such a long time is just not my style! Not that I'm neat and tidy; perhaps it's that I'm not a patient person.
Till next time - be safe and warm.

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