Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I imagine everyone is writing menus, grocery lists and looking forward to a big day with family and friends later this week. We are having a house full with our children and friends coming. Nate will deep fry a turkey and Mark is doing a ham. Tracy is doing Mississippi corn bread dressing and Mitch is bringing Wisconsin Brats. And of course we'll have all the usual side dishes and trimmings. The kids will do most of the cooking this year because my treatments leave me zapped! The Michigan Granddaughters spent a few hours with me yesterday going through cabinets, cleaning the refrigerator and stove and etc. It's nice and sparkling clean in the kitchen now. I could have kept them for a few more hours to hit a few more rooms but didn't want to scare them off for good.

Am proud to announce I finished block #12 for the Rocky Mountain Sampler quilt a group of gals have been working on this year. I've not laid the blocks out together to see how the completed top will look. This block is a bit 'blah' - think it's because I didn't use a red and I did in all the other blocks. The block looks a tad off kilter but a good spray of starch and a hot, heavy iron should fix it up. . . the power of persuasion!

Photos below are parts of my fabric stash - I think it's time to go through the stash and 'share' with other quilters. I've not been able to do as many donation quilts this year as planned but do have a few to give to our local Cheer Fund for Christmas baskets.

This picture is just the top half of a big cabinet I had built to house my stash. I also store books, magazines and an assortment of other goodies in it. Perhaps next week I will show a picture of my quilt books - and that's frightening, too. Oh well, I've enjoyed every book and magazine; and every piece of fabric that has come into this house.

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