Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009

Hi Folks,
Time for the weekly blog posting! I start thinking about it early in the morning and have so many things to chat about but by the time I get to the computer, the ideas have vanished - guess it's note time, eh?
We had an interesting week. The electric company is replacing poles in our neighborhood and ours was installed early in the week. They came back and added the 'works thingie' and expect them back again to remove the old pole. If they're smart, they'll wait till the corn is picked! The fellas gladly posed for a picture and one of them asked for my blog address!
Thursday night Mark, Chet and I took Nate out for steaks to celebrate his 52nd birthday. We had a great night out and of course the food was excellent. The boys and I had steak and Chet had grilled salmon on a bed of rice. It must have been good because he didn't offer any of us a taste! I brought half of my steak home and had it for lunch the next day. Forgot to take my camera along so no pictures of "the boys."
I finally walked across the street and introduced myself to the new neighbors - they were carving pumpkins on their front porch. They remembered me from working at the high school - I didn't ask for specifics! ! We had a nice visit - they have daughters, a 7 and a 3 year old.
The mailman brought a package - it was the kit for the Downy Quilts for Kids project. Pictures below show the kit which comes cut and directions are included.

This is the completed quilt, except for the binding. - not laying flat but you get the idea.

This picture shows the binding (polka dot fabirc) pinned in place - I brought the back to the front and will stitch it down after lunch today. They'd like for people who get a quilt kit to make one from their stash and send it to them, too.

The Downy Quilts for Kids site is listed in last weeks blog entry.
Keeping tabs on the Grandkids through Facebook - enjoy their regular posts. I need to give Tracy a call, it's been a while since we heard from her.
Till next week, thanks for stopping by - and have a good week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, 2009

Greetings from chilly Greensburg! I''m glad I don't have to go out this morning! Really, it's too early to complain about cold temps - so I'll just go on to other things! I had my second cataract surgery almost two weeks ago now and things are "lookin' great!" I'll be fitted with prescription glasses the first week in November! (Right now I'm using reading glasses from the drug store and they seem to be working well.) Soon it will be time to bite the bullet one of these nights and give night driving a try again!
The "mister" in this house is looking out of the doors and windows - not looking forward to a long winter and no riding the mower. He will have to mow a few more times to keep the falling leaves under control. We put the window on the store door the other day. . . he was waiting for me to come home, had it washed and ready to go! Of course he supervised every turn of the screwdriver!
Kid Report: Mitch called one evening this past week. He's doing a bit of traveling for work again; Diane and kids are fine - keeping busy. We will need to check in with Tracy - perhaps this evening. Mark stopped in on one of his lunch hours and gave us some phones (ours died and he's gone completely cell now). He even put one here on my computer desk. Mark and Chet had leftover roast, potatoes and carrots! Haven't chatted with Nate in a week or so - he is working long hours these days but expects a layoff any day now. Chet's sister also phoned one night - only had one phone in use that night and Chet talked to her so I really don't know too much news from them.
A friend and I drove to 'the city' last week. I needed to return pants and they didn't have what I wanted so got my money back and bought Halloween Trick or Treat candy! Also went to JoAnns and picked up a bulb for my Ott sewing light. Proud to announce, I had a 40% off coupon! Saved enough to go to Hobby Lobby and buy border fabric for the Split 9 Patch quilt! I'm so proud of all my savings! Photo below - quilt top is just laying on the border fabric and hope to get it sewn on this week.

I am planning to piece the backing for this quilt so dug out my 10 gallon Rubbermaid container of solid fabrics - and will also use the block shown below - even if it's got a goof on it!

Pictures below are some of the solid fabrics that will be used for the backing! (I will use it up - I will use it up - really, I will!)

The knitting bug attacked a couple of weeks ago - so into the bag I grabbed and out came a skein of baby yarn - blues and greens - isn't it pretty? Have about four done using this yarn and started another this morning while watching/listening to quilt and sewing TV shows!

My quilt guild is doing a swap next year. We are exchanging two half-square triangles, 3 1/2" unfinished. We will use designated colors each month, so an inventory of colors was done and decided to stitch a few. About 16 of us have signed up to do the swap. Glad I got a head start as they do take a bit of time!
Swaps can be fun!

For those of you who like to do donation quilts you may be interested in this project. Downy Touch of Comfort is a group that prepares kits and mails to people to complete and send back to them. Kits have patterns, pieces are cut, backing and binding fabrics are provided. They request that you do a quilt from your stash to send to them, too. The site with full instructions is at: There are a lot of pictures to see on the site, pictures of donated quilts, patients with the quilts and patterns available, too.
The kits arrive in a few days, fabrics are novelty and juvenile - for children! So if you are bored using your own stash fabrics - give this a try!

Till next time - take care - and thanks for visiting.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brisk Sunday Morning

We have sunshine but it is a brisk 39 on the thermometer! Leaves are turning beautifully! I love fall - everything is at rest - just my speed! I went on a road trip yesterday with a friend. We met her sister from Louisville, KY and her niece and family from South Carolina. Had a nice drive, enjoyable company and of course the food was, too! We visited a quilt shop and believe it or not - I walked out empty handed!

Tuesday I had my second eye surgery and all is going well. Not too keen on all the drops and ointments but that's only for another three weeks! I can't believe how my vision has improved. Best thing is never had a bit of pain.

Checked in with the family - everyone is keeping busy and that's a good thing! Tracy called with a sewing question - how do you hem up velour bell bottoms - I suggested she contact a tailor! She said the pants were 6" too long and she didn't want to cut them off. Anna Grace is in Color Guard at her school! Most oddly is that the pants are velour - in Mississippi ? ? ? Just doesn't get cold enough for velour there!

Last week I mentioned the Split 9 Patch blocks I'd been working on. This week I'm sewing the blocks into rows. Five rows finished but not yet sewn together and seven more rows to go. Then I'll join all the rows and will have another top finished. Pictures belows. Now bear in mind, if the points are lost or something doesn't match up - I've just had eye surgery. OK?

Picture below shows a few of the stacks of rows left to be sewn together.
Between doctor visits I've managed to knit a few more baby size hats and a washcloth or two. Have to keep those hands busy.

Back to the sewing machine - after some lunch. Stay well and warm.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My 101st Blog Post

Hi Friends & Kin Folk,
I can't believe this is my 101st post to my blog! I must say it's a good way to keep up with friends and family.
This morning I finally bit the bullet and went to Wal Mart. I need an assortment of things and it is the best place to go in that instance! Of course the things I needed are on opposite ends and corners of the store so I put on a couple of miles this morning.
My first stop was the craft/fabric/yarn area. Finally the scissors that disappeared a few weeks ago have been replaced! I have a lovely set of scissors but they are so heavy to use and almost too sharp. Fortunately I didn't snip into something not intended to be snipped! I also picked up the plastic sheets I use for the bottom of the purses I make - gives them some stability and they sit so nicely on a flat bottom! Also managed to fill the basket with groceries again - kind of hoping to stock up for a while. And there was a neat quilt magazine that some how managed to get into my cart. (It was my reward for going to WM!
Fall is very noticeable - driving to the store this morning I spotted several trees with leaves turning. Broadway is a 'colorful' street in fall and I'll have to snap a picture of two. Chet has been mowing our yard and the neighbors and he hooks up his little trailer and rides around and picks up fallen branches! He's all primed up for the Colts football game this afternoon.
My eye is healing nicely following cataract surgery and the vision has improved - the doctor said it was better than he expected it to be. Right eye surgery is scheduled on the 6th. Then it will be a month before I can be fitted for new glasses. Should have done this years ago - do you suppose it's a stubborn German streak?

We ventured out to pick up a quilt from the Longarm Quilter Gal in Rushville - it was my first time to drive following the surgery. All went well with the trip. Caroline, the LA Quilter Gal did a splendid job again - she used a pastel variegated thread in an all over meander or stipple. Photo below - the block pattern is sometimes called Sweet Sixteen (I have no idea why)! It was fun to make and sewed up quickly! Very good stashbuster pattern.

Several weeks ago I made a stack of Split Nine Patch blocks and then put them aside of 'age' properly! Yesterday morning they came out of hiding and I laid them out on my bed (my design wall). My to my chagrin, I was about ten blocks short so that was taken care of on the spot. Time for away from me and it was nap time so I had to stack the blocks by rows and pin them - hopefully I can get back to sewing them up into a top and head off to see Caroline again!

Suddenly my game show channel has been switched to a football channel - how did that happen ? ? ?

Thanks for stopping by and till next time - be well and keep in tough.

P.S. I guess this isn't my 101st post - I know I saw that number somewhere tho - actually it's my 84th post. Oh well - in the scheme of things - it just doesn't matter!