Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brisk Sunday Morning

We have sunshine but it is a brisk 39 on the thermometer! Leaves are turning beautifully! I love fall - everything is at rest - just my speed! I went on a road trip yesterday with a friend. We met her sister from Louisville, KY and her niece and family from South Carolina. Had a nice drive, enjoyable company and of course the food was, too! We visited a quilt shop and believe it or not - I walked out empty handed!

Tuesday I had my second eye surgery and all is going well. Not too keen on all the drops and ointments but that's only for another three weeks! I can't believe how my vision has improved. Best thing is never had a bit of pain.

Checked in with the family - everyone is keeping busy and that's a good thing! Tracy called with a sewing question - how do you hem up velour bell bottoms - I suggested she contact a tailor! She said the pants were 6" too long and she didn't want to cut them off. Anna Grace is in Color Guard at her school! Most oddly is that the pants are velour - in Mississippi ? ? ? Just doesn't get cold enough for velour there!

Last week I mentioned the Split 9 Patch blocks I'd been working on. This week I'm sewing the blocks into rows. Five rows finished but not yet sewn together and seven more rows to go. Then I'll join all the rows and will have another top finished. Pictures belows. Now bear in mind, if the points are lost or something doesn't match up - I've just had eye surgery. OK?

Picture below shows a few of the stacks of rows left to be sewn together.
Between doctor visits I've managed to knit a few more baby size hats and a washcloth or two. Have to keep those hands busy.

Back to the sewing machine - after some lunch. Stay well and warm.

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Marge said...

Hi, After looking at your blog it gave me some inspiration to do a split 9 patch, Love yours. I have not been on the chat in the morning lately because I have been sleeping in. The temp here today is 59* an cloudy. Have a nice day. mic-pa