Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28,2009

Lovely breezy day here today. The predicted high is 82. I can live with that but then I don't plan to be out and about today! How's that for beating the heat? Mark and a friend of his are coming over and planting some shrubs around the house and also scattering river rock. This place is past due for yard work other than mowing the yard. Mark's plant is closed for two weeks and he's not too happy about it, but then he's fortunate to have worked while many other plants are closed down. Nate's been off work at the factory for about seven weeks now. He is helping out at the Harley Shop downtown - and of course he loves that!
I was so tired after the quilt show last weekend, I told Chet I wasn't going out of the house unless it was on fire and I stayed in pajamas for two days. Ah - felt so good!
We went out to dinner with Nate, Deanie, her son Chris, Mark and many of Mark's friends (they were partying at the beach). We ate at the restaurant on the lake. Food was good and we had a nice time. Tracy called that evening to wish Chet a Happy Father's day. She is planning to come for a visit next month.
Tuesday evening some gals from quilt guild and I went to a trunk showing of quilts at Shelbyville and we enjoyed it. Then Wednesday morning we piled into cars again and went on a short shop hop. We visited the quilt shop in North Vernon and then went to a restaurant out in the woods. Food was great and the company was, too. The Batesville quilters joined us and I ran into a gal who used to work at a shop in Batesville. I like her - her name is Karen, and she could be one of my sisters! Another nice surprise was running into the wife of a fella I worked with at the high school - I called him "Old Man" and you can guess what he called me! After we ate we went on to Seymour to the shop there. When we got back to town I went and picked up some groceries - I was so tired and secretly planned another pajama day or two! I did break down and buy a few Fat Quarters of fabrics - proud to say I kept it under control. Visions of my stash at home kept popping into my head!

Chet's gone to church with his buddy Paul and due home soon. I've spent the morning sewing bindings on the quilt show below and another one - will post photo when it's finished. I estimate I sewed on 600+" of bindings this morning.
I did sew a little something - a surprise - for my sister Amy who's birthday is next month - can't show a picture of it till she gets it.
Time for lunch - I'm having the second half of my Chicken, BLT Salad from Wendys. . . Chet is on hiw own! He'll probably have ham sandwiches! Till next week - take care.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Greetings from Greensburg, IN - where summer heat, humidity, thunder, lightening, rain and more rain have been bombarding us this past week! I'm ready for the leaves to turn and cooler temps arrive.
We met up with Palmer & Lois, Don & Betsy on Wednesday. Nate acted as our chauffeur - he enjoyed the family and food! Bless his heart for putting up with all the 70 + year old timers! We had a great visit. I've met Betsy before but never had a chance to sit and visit with her - lovely lady!

Yesterday our first quilt show came to an end. . . I must say "we did ourselves proud!" We had 181 exhibits and approximately 300 visitors to the show. I've shown pictures of some of the quilts below. Unfortunately I'm not able to do editing lately and my pictures truly need cropping and color adjustments. Click on them to enlarge them and get a closer look. I must say hosting a quilt show is a big task. If we ever do this again, we need to shake the bushes and hope younger, agile folks fall out to help!

The two quilts below are mine and were in the show. This was a mystery quilt from the Traditional Quilts magazine. A set of instructions came each month, for four months. The Happy Holidays quilt has been finished for several years but never had a hanging sleeve till now - so this year I will hang it in the family room. . . it's long and skinny!

This is my "Fallen Leaves" quilt - I love it! A challenge was issued on to do a Fungly quilt. Dig out your ugliest fabrics and have a go at it. I pieced the backing for this quilt using fabrics from my solids bin. So - if the front isn't appealing, the back side may be!

We asked visitors to sign a guest book. This book was taken and placed in a "Time Capsule"! Doubt any of us will be around for the opening of the capsule! While acting as a greeter I was cajoled into doing a brief segment for a video to be placed in the capsule. There were three other gals there and none of them agreed to do it - one of the young men doing the video knew me from school. So I put on my "big girl panties" and bit the bullet. These young men were hired by the city to video tape all the different events during the Sesquicentennial celebration. The video will be for sale - I'm going to have to buy a copy to pass on to my heirs! Won't they be thrilled?

We are celebrating Father's Day with Nate, Deanie & Mark - going out to the Bayside Restaurant at Lake Santee. This restaurant just reopened, under new management - and the manager is a friend of Mark's.

Till next week - stay dry and cool.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Neat Cars & Quilts

Decided to do a mid-week post! I have so much to share. The yellow van advertising coffee was one we passed on I-75 when going to meet family in Ohio. The little K-Car was driven by my insurance agent to the hair salon the other day. Peeked inside and it's definitely a two seater!
The following pictures are from the quilt show, Greensburg Colonial Quilters first show. The city is celebrating it's 150th anniversary this week and the show is part of the festivities. 180 entries were submitted and when I left this morning all but 6 had arrived. First three are of accepting the quilts and doing the paperwork and the setting up of the racks. Thankfully we had a few "good men" to assist or we would have been in trouble.

This is just one of the antique quilts and it is lovely - a true "multi-fabric" quilt.

I'm scheduled to work as a "greeter" tomorrow and hope to get pictures of more quilts.
This weekend I will post about our visit with family. Till then, take care and enjoy the quilt show.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hail To The Graduate

Have to begin this post with pictures of our lovely Granddaughter Amanda who graduated from high school this month. The photos were taken at the graduation and Spring Dance. Her plans are to go on to nursing school in the fall. We had several other graduates this spring - children of nieces - congratulations to them, too!

We woke up to the sound of rain this morning. Our lawns are so green but Chet is delighted to have to mow often! We are to have temps in the high 70's today. No need for the air conditioning to be on yet! (Thank goodness!)

Busy week ahead for me. Our guild is hosting a quilt show on Friday and
Saturday. I've volunteered to work a couple of mornings - first time for me, so I hope the gals I'm working with are well versed! I'm taking two large quilts and several smaller pieces.

The quilt photo I've shown today was made by an 84 year old lady, originally from Minnesota. I took a class from her and posted a couple of pictures from my version two or three posts back. She hand stitched all her applique where I used the blanket stitch on my sewing machine. I don't think I have a photo of my finished quilt - but it is finished!

I had other pictures I wanted to post but haven't figured out how to get them moved into this post. Hope I can do it because I took them off the memory stick in my camera. . . oh, will I ever learn to click slowly!

Family is all fine - at least I've not heard other wise! Short post this week - I'm off to have brunch with a friend. (Chet went back to bed this morning!)

Have a safe week and take care.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Greetings All!
All's well here - we have had a busy week. J.D. came to town and spent some time with us. He visited friends, played basketball and cards, slept alot and ate. I even did some cooking - Hamburger Helper and Minnesota Hot Dish! J.D.'s favorites! Chet's gone to church this morning with his buddy Paul. Paul called and said he was running late, I asked him if he was having a bad hair day - poor guy is almost as bald as Chet! Nate has been laid off work for four weeks now but he's helping a friend at the Harley shop and is in "hog heaven". Mark's plant is closing for two weeks (without pay) in July - this is rough to take after he took a pay cut a month or so ago. Things are rough all over - for everyone. Mark left for Michigan Thursday after work, to go to Tori's high school graduation. He went early to help set up for the big celebration on Saturday afternoon. He rode his motorcycle and said there were 40 to 50 deer carcasses along the highways. He said seeing them was an inspiration to drive very carefully and he said he was very cold, too. He is heading back this morning - wants to take in some sun on the beach at the Lake! No word from the out-of-state kids!

I've been digging in the fabric stash again. Was surfing and saw a really neat Log Cabin quilt made using only plaid fabrics - so of course I had to give it a try, too. Each morning this week, I've been cutting and sewing and now have a total of 55 blocks. I was planning to do 100 blocks - but as I was pressing them this morning I noticed my center square is a rectangle! Can't imagine how that happened. So I'm ending it with the 55 blocks and will make just a small throw. The pictures below are a stack of strips and some of the blocks.

The second picture is the blocks laid out but not sewn together yet - blocks are rectangular, so have to use them in this layout. Alas and Alack! What's a quilter to do when she goofs! Ho Hum, eh?

Tomorrow our quilt guild meets - we are hosting a quilt show during the 150th anniversary of Greensburg and final plans should be made tomorrow. Other than that, it looks like a quiet week ahead.
Till next week - take care and be well.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trial Run

01_20_22 These are photos from my Folk Art Appliqué quilt. 01_20_21 Okay – and now I’m going to see if I can add it to my blog! Wish me luck!

Oh – it’s Microsoft Live Writer – downloaded at no cost – isn't that special? This software was recommended by a gal in an online Yahoo Group. It took quite a while for it to get to my blog - patience is a virtue - virtue is a grace - Grace is a little girl who wouldn't wash her face. And I'll leave you with those words of wisdom!

Have a good day!