Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Greetings All!
All's well here - we have had a busy week. J.D. came to town and spent some time with us. He visited friends, played basketball and cards, slept alot and ate. I even did some cooking - Hamburger Helper and Minnesota Hot Dish! J.D.'s favorites! Chet's gone to church this morning with his buddy Paul. Paul called and said he was running late, I asked him if he was having a bad hair day - poor guy is almost as bald as Chet! Nate has been laid off work for four weeks now but he's helping a friend at the Harley shop and is in "hog heaven". Mark's plant is closing for two weeks (without pay) in July - this is rough to take after he took a pay cut a month or so ago. Things are rough all over - for everyone. Mark left for Michigan Thursday after work, to go to Tori's high school graduation. He went early to help set up for the big celebration on Saturday afternoon. He rode his motorcycle and said there were 40 to 50 deer carcasses along the highways. He said seeing them was an inspiration to drive very carefully and he said he was very cold, too. He is heading back this morning - wants to take in some sun on the beach at the Lake! No word from the out-of-state kids!

I've been digging in the fabric stash again. Was surfing and saw a really neat Log Cabin quilt made using only plaid fabrics - so of course I had to give it a try, too. Each morning this week, I've been cutting and sewing and now have a total of 55 blocks. I was planning to do 100 blocks - but as I was pressing them this morning I noticed my center square is a rectangle! Can't imagine how that happened. So I'm ending it with the 55 blocks and will make just a small throw. The pictures below are a stack of strips and some of the blocks.

The second picture is the blocks laid out but not sewn together yet - blocks are rectangular, so have to use them in this layout. Alas and Alack! What's a quilter to do when she goofs! Ho Hum, eh?

Tomorrow our quilt guild meets - we are hosting a quilt show during the 150th anniversary of Greensburg and final plans should be made tomorrow. Other than that, it looks like a quiet week ahead.
Till next week - take care and be well.

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JD said...

Thanks for having me grandma!! I slept like a baby on the spare bed. Tell grandpa I said hi. Thanks again grandma :)