Thursday, June 18, 2009

Neat Cars & Quilts

Decided to do a mid-week post! I have so much to share. The yellow van advertising coffee was one we passed on I-75 when going to meet family in Ohio. The little K-Car was driven by my insurance agent to the hair salon the other day. Peeked inside and it's definitely a two seater!
The following pictures are from the quilt show, Greensburg Colonial Quilters first show. The city is celebrating it's 150th anniversary this week and the show is part of the festivities. 180 entries were submitted and when I left this morning all but 6 had arrived. First three are of accepting the quilts and doing the paperwork and the setting up of the racks. Thankfully we had a few "good men" to assist or we would have been in trouble.

This is just one of the antique quilts and it is lovely - a true "multi-fabric" quilt.

I'm scheduled to work as a "greeter" tomorrow and hope to get pictures of more quilts.
This weekend I will post about our visit with family. Till then, take care and enjoy the quilt show.

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