Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28,2009

Lovely breezy day here today. The predicted high is 82. I can live with that but then I don't plan to be out and about today! How's that for beating the heat? Mark and a friend of his are coming over and planting some shrubs around the house and also scattering river rock. This place is past due for yard work other than mowing the yard. Mark's plant is closed for two weeks and he's not too happy about it, but then he's fortunate to have worked while many other plants are closed down. Nate's been off work at the factory for about seven weeks now. He is helping out at the Harley Shop downtown - and of course he loves that!
I was so tired after the quilt show last weekend, I told Chet I wasn't going out of the house unless it was on fire and I stayed in pajamas for two days. Ah - felt so good!
We went out to dinner with Nate, Deanie, her son Chris, Mark and many of Mark's friends (they were partying at the beach). We ate at the restaurant on the lake. Food was good and we had a nice time. Tracy called that evening to wish Chet a Happy Father's day. She is planning to come for a visit next month.
Tuesday evening some gals from quilt guild and I went to a trunk showing of quilts at Shelbyville and we enjoyed it. Then Wednesday morning we piled into cars again and went on a short shop hop. We visited the quilt shop in North Vernon and then went to a restaurant out in the woods. Food was great and the company was, too. The Batesville quilters joined us and I ran into a gal who used to work at a shop in Batesville. I like her - her name is Karen, and she could be one of my sisters! Another nice surprise was running into the wife of a fella I worked with at the high school - I called him "Old Man" and you can guess what he called me! After we ate we went on to Seymour to the shop there. When we got back to town I went and picked up some groceries - I was so tired and secretly planned another pajama day or two! I did break down and buy a few Fat Quarters of fabrics - proud to say I kept it under control. Visions of my stash at home kept popping into my head!

Chet's gone to church with his buddy Paul and due home soon. I've spent the morning sewing bindings on the quilt show below and another one - will post photo when it's finished. I estimate I sewed on 600+" of bindings this morning.
I did sew a little something - a surprise - for my sister Amy who's birthday is next month - can't show a picture of it till she gets it.
Time for lunch - I'm having the second half of my Chicken, BLT Salad from Wendys. . . Chet is on hiw own! He'll probably have ham sandwiches! Till next week - take care.

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Hi Joan I just joined Kathy's forum, and here I am reading your blog. I am originally from Indianapolis but now live In Columbus,Ohio for the last 37 yrs.
You do beautiful work and your quilt show sounded like fun. I went to my first quilt show the 19th here in Columbus and I loved it.
Have a great evening