Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hail To The Graduate

Have to begin this post with pictures of our lovely Granddaughter Amanda who graduated from high school this month. The photos were taken at the graduation and Spring Dance. Her plans are to go on to nursing school in the fall. We had several other graduates this spring - children of nieces - congratulations to them, too!

We woke up to the sound of rain this morning. Our lawns are so green but Chet is delighted to have to mow often! We are to have temps in the high 70's today. No need for the air conditioning to be on yet! (Thank goodness!)

Busy week ahead for me. Our guild is hosting a quilt show on Friday and
Saturday. I've volunteered to work a couple of mornings - first time for me, so I hope the gals I'm working with are well versed! I'm taking two large quilts and several smaller pieces.

The quilt photo I've shown today was made by an 84 year old lady, originally from Minnesota. I took a class from her and posted a couple of pictures from my version two or three posts back. She hand stitched all her applique where I used the blanket stitch on my sewing machine. I don't think I have a photo of my finished quilt - but it is finished!

I had other pictures I wanted to post but haven't figured out how to get them moved into this post. Hope I can do it because I took them off the memory stick in my camera. . . oh, will I ever learn to click slowly!

Family is all fine - at least I've not heard other wise! Short post this week - I'm off to have brunch with a friend. (Chet went back to bed this morning!)

Have a safe week and take care.

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