Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Greetings from Greensburg, IN - where summer heat, humidity, thunder, lightening, rain and more rain have been bombarding us this past week! I'm ready for the leaves to turn and cooler temps arrive.
We met up with Palmer & Lois, Don & Betsy on Wednesday. Nate acted as our chauffeur - he enjoyed the family and food! Bless his heart for putting up with all the 70 + year old timers! We had a great visit. I've met Betsy before but never had a chance to sit and visit with her - lovely lady!

Yesterday our first quilt show came to an end. . . I must say "we did ourselves proud!" We had 181 exhibits and approximately 300 visitors to the show. I've shown pictures of some of the quilts below. Unfortunately I'm not able to do editing lately and my pictures truly need cropping and color adjustments. Click on them to enlarge them and get a closer look. I must say hosting a quilt show is a big task. If we ever do this again, we need to shake the bushes and hope younger, agile folks fall out to help!

The two quilts below are mine and were in the show. This was a mystery quilt from the Traditional Quilts magazine. A set of instructions came each month, for four months. The Happy Holidays quilt has been finished for several years but never had a hanging sleeve till now - so this year I will hang it in the family room. . . it's long and skinny!

This is my "Fallen Leaves" quilt - I love it! A challenge was issued on to do a Fungly quilt. Dig out your ugliest fabrics and have a go at it. I pieced the backing for this quilt using fabrics from my solids bin. So - if the front isn't appealing, the back side may be!

We asked visitors to sign a guest book. This book was taken and placed in a "Time Capsule"! Doubt any of us will be around for the opening of the capsule! While acting as a greeter I was cajoled into doing a brief segment for a video to be placed in the capsule. There were three other gals there and none of them agreed to do it - one of the young men doing the video knew me from school. So I put on my "big girl panties" and bit the bullet. These young men were hired by the city to video tape all the different events during the Sesquicentennial celebration. The video will be for sale - I'm going to have to buy a copy to pass on to my heirs! Won't they be thrilled?

We are celebrating Father's Day with Nate, Deanie & Mark - going out to the Bayside Restaurant at Lake Santee. This restaurant just reopened, under new management - and the manager is a friend of Mark's.

Till next week - stay dry and cool.

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