Sunday, February 8, 2009

Busy Day - Posting Late

All's well at our house this week. Our snow is all gone today but I suspect we will be seeing more before Spring! Yesterday we went out before noon and did some errands - banking, drug store and of course groceries. I hate to get groceries - so I reward myself! I buy apple fritters! I daintily cut it up into bite size pieces and nibble it slowly, to make it last a long time! I bought ingredients for a big pot of soup - dug out my precious electric dutch oven (yes, it's avocado green) and made a vegetable beef soup. It simmer slowly all afternoon and the aroma had Chet drooling for hours! A pot of soup allows me to spend time in my sewing corner!

The Internet and all it's resources lead me into temptation. If I see something cute or hear that someone made something and post a website, I simply must check it out! And that's how the fabric baskets came to be - pictures in last week's post. Someone mentioned an Airplane Art Binder. Of course my curiosity was peaked and I checked it out - loved it and made one up in wild colors. . . then this morning I decided to do another and while looking for fabrics for it I can across a piece of Coke print fabric. Love my cokes, so decided to do one for myself, too. I cut and pressed and stitched and in two hours I had them finished. I need to go to Staples and pick up a packet of paper and the mechanical colored pencils to put in them. I'll send two to Mississippi for Tracy and Anna Grace and keep the other one. No pictures yet - but will take some soon and post them. If you'd like to take a peek, go to: I sure hope this link works! Tracy's binder matches the basket I sent last week.
Since I have no new photos to post, I'll go back into the archives and find something for you all to look at.

This picture was taken at J.D.'s high school graduation party - don't know who the guy in the back, second from left is tho - - one of Nate's biker buddies, I think!

Anna Grace, Uncle Mark and Jonathan - this was taken on one of their summer visits.

That's all for now folks. . . . check back during the week for photos. Stay well and warm.

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