Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome Fall Temperatures!

We've had a week of cooler temps and it is just wonderful. Leaves aren't turning yet but it won't be long; the beans and corn are drying and will soon be harvested, too. I even cooked a pot of vegetable beef soup this week!

To celebrate Fall I took the Summer nap quilt off my bed and dug out my favorite quilt - Fallen Leaves, made a couple of years ago! I found myself 'reading' the quilt instead of snuggling under it and napping. This is truly a multi-fabric quilt! Picture below.

Close up of a block.

Back of quilt.
I am slowly getting the binding handsewn to the back of a quilt - seems like the quilt is really big but it isn't! Am hoping to finish it up this week and have a picture next week.
We have spent the week trying to get the house and yard in shape - an impossible dream, I think! Haven't chatted with the kids this week - heard Nate & Deanie were going on an extended bike ride and Mark was going to the river (near Cincinnati) and visit (party) with friends.
Till next week - bye now and thanks for stopping in.

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