Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn Leaves Mantle Cover - This + That

Good Sunday Morning! Kind of dreary looking out there this morning, some talk of rain but it sounds very 'iffy'. We do need rain, yards are brownish, flowers are fading and dropping off.
Chet got so disgusted with his Topsy Turvey tomato gadget that he cut the vines off. Never did see even a blossom on it! My potted plant produced a few small and tasteless tomato's and I think he disposed of that, too! He gets out the riding mower and trailer and rides around the yard, looking for downed branches, papers or litter that may have blown onto our yard - he does this at least three times a week. Guess it's the male urge to drive something!

Nothing special going on here - kids must be fine - haven't heard from them! A good sign, I guess. I did speak with Mark briefly - he was getting for a party on the beach on Saturday night.

Picture below is the Waving Flag I'm working on for Mitch. It is ready for quilting but I'm having a senior moment and can't remember how I quilted the other two I made.

First day of Fall is officially Wednesday. So this morning I decided to change fireplace mantel scarves. Pictured below is the stack of quilts and wall hangings, baby and doll quilts, I had to go through to find it.

After a few minutes of searching and telling myself how ashamed I should be of having a mess like this, it showed up. So I did a quick decorating job and fixed up the mantle. I love fall and this will stay on till Thanksgiving time when I'll hunt for the C'mas scarf. Just noticed one of the candles is leaning! Oh well!

Till next week - take care.

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