Sunday, September 12, 2010

This and That

Chet is humming while making himself a sandwich- he's getting ready for the Colts game which begins in about half an hour! He can get so wrapped up in football!
We've enjoyed fall like temperatures this week and managed to get a lot done - usual errands and dentist appts. Thursday I went to the Block of the Month meeting in Rushville. Chet went to a nearby casino with the people across the street - I think he did win a bit this time - he's got 'the look' on his face when I ask!
This week will be busy, too. Quilt Guild meeting Monday, Annual check ups, blood work and the 'girls' will have their picture taken, too.
I had computer problems and my 'guru' spent a couple of hours here this morning and it looks like he was able to fix the problem.
Have no idea how the kids are. I did remember to send birthday cards to Amanda and Paul and will send to J.D. and Jonathan we they come closer. And of course we remember our baby sister Karen who's birthday was on the 10th - we hope she's enjoying her angel wings!
I have managed to sew just a bit - am working on a wall hanging for Mitch. Name of the pattern is "Let It Wave" by Becky and Me - site is at (if interested). I have the two strip sets made and hope to get back to it soon.
Time to find something for my lunch - have a good week.

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