Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Wisconsin-Michigan Trip

Hi family and friends - it's always fun to take a trip but it's good to be back in your own home again. Mark (bless his heart) had time off coming so decided to take 'the old folks' for a ride. And it was a long ride but enjoyable. Pictures are of family, friends and scenery!

Milwaukee skyline at sunset.

Chicago skyline - Sears Tower.

Diane's parents, Peter and Sally and Chet and myself. We visited with them on Saturday - lovely weather in the Upper Peninsula!

Ludington Yacht Harbor in Escanaba, Michigan. When we lived there we were just a couple of blocks from the harbor and park.

Chet, Mitch, myself and Paul

Chet, Amanda, myself and Mark.

Amanda was off to college - classes don't begin till next week but she's on the tennis team and team members have to be there two weeks early for practice. We met her and a friend for lunch on our way home on Sunday.

Lovely trip - thanks to Mark for doing all the driving. (FYI - my 16 year old car got 29.? miles per gallon!)
Have a good week.

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