Saturday, August 21, 2010

This & That Father - Son Project

Starting another week - and close to starting another new month. I decided to blog just a bit earlier this week. Really nothing exciting or eventful happening here.

Tuesday I took the car out for a wash, filled up the tank and had the oil changed. The fellas doing the oil change told me the AC pump was leaking ( I didn't even know the AC had a pump) so I spoke with Mark and he knows of a fellow near me that works on cars "on the side" and this scares me. I can be without a car for a day or two, but working "on the side" doesn't appeal to me. So first thing Monday I'll have to find someone to check it out. We still plan to run up to see Mitch, Diane and Paul (Amanda is off to school - on the tennis team and they go early.) I also hope to take a ride on the go-cart pictured below.

Mitch's father-in-law was/is a collector. This go-cart was found in his barn and Mitch and Paul decided to see if it'd work. He said they had to unstick the valves off they went. The engine is a 1949 /Wisconsin 6hp. (For some reason I couldn't make the photo larger - sorry!.

And a close up of Paul.

Have done a bit of sewing - nothing worth taking pictures of tho. I did have a nice visit with Sister Ellen a day or two ago - she'd been off to the Senior Center - making donation quilts and items for their boutique. She's such a perky thing!

Signing off for this week - Paul Newman movies marathon and The Sting is on right now. Have a cool and safe weekend.

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