Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tracy & Anna's Visit

No pictures last week - well I'm bombarding you with them this week! Tracy and Anna arrived here on Wednesday, late afternoon. Nate stopped by in the morning and visited with them.

Anna had to get her 'sewing with Grandma Joan' session in so she made a pillow using quilt blocks I'd made as a sample a few weeks ago.

We had to go play a round of miniature golf and have some delicious ice cream at the Sweet Shop.
Josh, a neighbor, Anna & Tracy in the far ground.

Friday afternoon we went out to Mark's and spent the afternoon on the beach at Lake Santee.
The fellow to the left is playing a kettle drum (I think that's what they're called.) And some brave people did the Limbo!

Mark doing the Limbo. They moved too fast for me to get good pictures!

Tracy, Anna and Mark swimming behind the pontoon.

One of Mark's friends has a water slide so Mark took us over there and he and Anna had a couple of quick slides!

Swimming back to the pontoon after the water slide venture.
Tia was also there but missed her in pictures - friends of her's were there and she was off with them from time to time.
JD was here for the weekend, he was 'best man' for a friends wedding.
Saturday night JD, Nate & Deanie, Tracy & Anna went to the fair. She came home with a gold fish which is traveling back to Mississippi with them today.
We are expecting Palmer & Lois, Becky & Aaron any time now. Becky & Aaron will be visiting Purdue and Butler colleges.
Mitch is planning to come Friday and stay will Monday. Be great to see him again!
Nate & Deanie are out of town till a week from Monday - attending the Bikers Boogie! And that's all I'll say about the Boogie!
Till next week - stay well and cool. Thanks for stopping by.

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