Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th

We are having a quiet day at home. The City had fireworks last night and we could hear them, loud and clear. Mark had a party at his house yesterday with out-of-state visitors, J.D. and three friends are here and of course all his 'lake friends'. We opted to stay put and enjoy the peace and quiet! Yes, our ages are showing! Hopefully J.D. and friends and the out-of-state visitors will stop in for a bit but doubt they will.

We are getting ready for Tracy and Anna's visit and hopefully Jon will come along this year. He had plans to go to Destin, FL. and I noticed on the weather map this morning that there is oil in that area! Tracy will get here the 7th and stay till the 11th. We are also hoping to be able to meet with Palmer & Lois, here from Arizona, (brother and sister in law) who are visiting their families in Michigan. We are to the stages in our lives that we need drivers - we met halfway last summer and had a lovely visit. At this point we don't know their plans and my drivers are in mid-air right now.

Nate is heading south to a bikers boogie and will be gone about ten days. Mark was hoping to make it for a day or two.

Not a lot of sewing this week so no pictures! I did manage to sew up the remaining rows on the black/white triangles quilt and will have to set the rows together the week after next. It will be a piddly task - all those points! Oh - what was I thinking when I started that!

Chet's home from church and looking for food so it's time to sign off for today. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good week!

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Claudia said...

Happy 4th to you ! We are at the lake and as you can imagine there are fireworks going off all over ! I can't even hear the TV. LOL The neighbors of each side of us had LOTS of company...and hubby and I were glad it was just us.. I just can't do big groups anymore and kids running around...LOL. And I didn't get any sewing done either....still cleaning in the cabin. I am just slow.