Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Back - I Think

It's been a while since I've posted - have been dealing with health issues the past three months but I think I'm on the road to being myself again. I'm not sure if this is good or bad! We'll see - right? :)

Our holidays were spent with family and friends. They brought in the food and we enjoyed a lot of the traditional dishes. The sons have been doing our grocery shopping - not their favorite thing to do and we certainly appreciate them doing it. There is a long list on the table now and Chet keeps coming up with things to add to it. He does enjoy eating.

We had snow but it all melted when we had temps in the 50's. Yesterday we had a couple of inches of fresh snow - looks so pretty out there but it's cold and windy. Our wonderful neighbor shoveled our driveway sometime this morning.

No sewing here since October except for the final block of the month block - I thought it was finished but someone pointed out to me that there was a mistake in it - so I took it apart and redid it. I've been too exhausted and shaky to use the rotary cutter and ruler. The other day I did pull out a kit and fondle the fabrics but I put them back in the cabinet.

I dreamed I turned on my sewing machine and it made odd noises, spit sparks and moaned and groaned. I woke up after that dream! I haven't turned it on to check it out!

Chet is ready for the Colts game tonight - wearing his Colts shirt, a gift from Mark and has his Colts throw, a gift from Tracy, on the sofa. I will have to sneak a picture to post next week.

Perhaps I'll have some other pictures for the next post - something quilty. Till then, be warm, happy and healthy.

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