Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I hope all the "dad's" out there are having a good day! We are going out to Mark's this afternoon and will have a cookout on the beach - traveling by pontoon. Possible rain later this afternoon, so hope we don't get too wet! Predicted high is 87 and that's just not cup of tea at all - I'm a 75* gal. Nate came over and installed my window AC early last week and it sure makes a big difference with my sleeping and eating!

Chatted with Tracy for about an hour last week. Anna is at camp and I think Tracy is/was lonesome! She is planning a quick visit here July 7 to 11th. And Palmer & Lois will be in Michigan June 30 to July 13. Hopefully we can connect for a visit this time. Nate is planning his Bikers Boogie in the southern part of the state in mid July, they will take their motor home and be gone for about 12 days.

Thursday my block of the month group met in Rushville - assignment is block #7 (out of 12). Most of us seem to be struggling with the blocks for this quilt! I had a goof and noticed it two days before our meeting so managed to fix it quickly. And would you believe I made the same mistake on this block! It's corrected now - picture below.

That's it for this week. Stay well and cool.

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