Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Struck

Yes, the hot weather and humidity have hit and I'm wilted. Today I will call one of my dear sons and ask them to put the AC unit in my bedroom. We've had a lot of rain and water standing in the field out back. Our neighbor's garden looks like it could take over their backyard and ours, too. They are on vacation and should be back this week. I've been watching their tomato plants and if a red one should appear while they're gone, I'll be a good neighbor and go get it!

Haven't been in contact with our kids, tried to call Mississippi twice yesterday and no answer. I know Anna Grace is at a summer camp in Louisana for a month (I think).

Last week I posted a picture of a block - here's the completed quilt. Front and back. Another stash buster piece!

Since I finished a quilt from scraps I figured it was only fair to start thinking of a new quilt. And after using such bright colors, I got out a stack of about 12 fat quarters (18x20") and a few scraps from the first 'blended quilt' and thought I'd like to do another. The first blended quilt is now in Louisiana - tried to copy and paste the picture but it just would not work for me. But if you check out the Saturday, July 12, 2008 post and scroll about half way down and you can see it there. It's a kind of Shabby Chic style! The picture below is the collection I have. It will be a while before I find a pattern - maybe stars - any other suggestions?

Time to get busy here - thanks for visiting and have a good week.

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