Thursday, July 23, 2009


I killed my computer last week and it's been down till this afternoon. . While visiting with my pharmacist on Sunday morning, he gave me the name of a "computer whiz" so I called the fella and he came over this afternoon and helped me get back online. Of course all my pictures are gone - I do have some on DVD's and will attempt to reload them as soon as I can. I also had this fella connect my laptop to the Internet so now I can lounge in my recliner and play games and surf and etc.

Not having a computer has helped me to finish a few projects and start a few new ones, too. I've been piecing Double Four Patch blocks and have enough now to make a nice throw size quilt. I also made two table runners - I plan to take them to the beauty salon and add them to my "boutique."

Today is Chet's 72nd B'day - I didn't say a thing, hoping one of our four children would also remember - no one has yet, but it's still early. If no one calls I will be forced to rewrite the will again!

I will post more later in the week - bye for now.

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