Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Week Begins

Hi Folks. Lovely day here in Indiana - sun is shining, slight breeze and no heat or humidity! What more could one ask for!
I went to brunch with a friend this morning and grabbed my camera on the way out. I was hoping to see a few of the cars from the big show held this weekend but it ended last night - again, I'm a day late. This car was leaving the restaurant parking lot so I caught it through the car window! Neat, eh? Have no idea what make or model it is. It kind of reminded me of the '40 Ford Chet used to have - the pea soup green one! As I recall, he didn't have it long cuz he fell asleep at the wheel and went off a T-road! There was also a motorcycle show in town and Nate was involved in that. . . I didn't make it there either! We had quite a bit of rain yesterday and heard these events weren't well attended!

My computer was down for almost a week - I only missed it the first day or two. I did manage to get a bit of sewing and quilting done. The two table runners pictured below were the "creations of the week." I plan to take them to the beauty salon to my little boutique corner in the shop. I hope to do one more this week - the fabric is chosen - just need to drum up the energy to get it done.
This first one is the Dresden Plate pattern. There are three plates on this runner and it measures approximately 13 x 36".

This second one is called Mirror Image from the Pieced Tree Patterns - they do have a website. If interested do a "search" using that name. This one measures about 11 x 50".

Chet had a quiet birthday on the 23rd. Mitch and Tracy called and Mark stopped in briefly yesterday. We didn't do anything special - but I did pick up an apple pie for him!

Time to move on - bye for now and take care.

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