Sunday, May 31, 2009

More This & That

Up until yesterday afternoon we've had a quiet week. The doorbell rang, I peeked out through the drapes and saw an ambulance in my driveway. My first thought was "oh they've got the wrong address - same house number on Ryle Center and our house on Ryle Drive confuses emergency and delivery people! The lady on Ryle Center is sickly and in hospital often! Anyway, went to the door and two guys standing there - wanted to know if they could park in our driveway for a short time; they said they wanted to go to the graduation party two doors up the street. Oh my goodness - we were invited to that party, too, but I thought it was today! I peeked out further - cars lined the street on both sides, other neighbors driveways were full of cars. There was a big white tent on their front yard and people mulling around. This is a ' no parking on the street' area - not a law, just neighbors considerate of each other! The mailman struggled to get through and it was impossible for him to get to the mailboxes without getting out of his truck! But he's a good natured man and doubt it was a problem for him. (Second photo taken through screen.) It just doesn't happen that often in our addition. Photos below show the traffic jam! So today I must fix up her card and deliver it to the graduate.

Speaking of graduates - there are four in our family this year. Congratulations to each of you and good luck! And congratulations to our niece and her husband on the birth of their son - I'm wondering how big sister is accepting him. . . having flashbacks here when we brought home a new baby!
Weather wise - we've had a lot of rain. The field out back is finally planted and corn is peeking through the soil. Our neighbor tilled up a small area and planted a few things - hopefully his tomatoes will be plentiful! (Hint - Hint).

The kids - Nate and Deanie are on a "bike run" this weekend. Thousands of bikers are in Indianapolis on a fund raiser for Riley Children's Hospital. The run is quite a distance and ends up at the Indianapolis Speed Way. Nate will be so thrilled to have done that! Nate has been laid off work for three weeks now. We haven't seen him since the first of the month so imagine he's keeping busy - mainly biking, I suspect! JD has been in Bloomington and planning to come and spend some time here in town. He will be staying with us and says he needs some home cooking and I suspect he needs coddling, too! Nothing new from the out of state kids. Mark has popped in a couple of times this week. He is swamped at work.

I'm so disappointed that Susan Boyle didn't win the British Talent Contest - losing to 'street dancers' - I say some people's taste is only in their mouth!

My quilt photo today is a pattern from It is Bricks and Stepping Stones. A fun, quick cut and easy sew. I used a line of fabrics from The fabric feels like silk; the colors are a bit drab compared to what I've been using the past few months. But more stash is busted and that's a good thing! There are sunspots on the quilt - in photo only!
This year Greensburg is celebrating 150 year anniversary. Our quilt guild is hosting a show at the Baptist Church. The dates are June 18 and June 19. I signed up to accept entries for the show and be a greeter! Those associated with Decatur County may show quilts. We have a good selection of antique quilts. It should be an interesting show and hope it's successful! This is my first show to be involved with. Nothing new in the quilt making area - guess I need a rest!

Till next time - take care and stay well.

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Kathy Tracy said...

Joan, your quilt is lovely!