Sunday, May 3, 2009


I had such a happy birthday this year. . . turning 71 isn't all that bad. Sisters sent lovely cards and gifts, brother in Arizona called, Grandson J.D. also called. I also had a lot of birthday wishes via email. Our three sons came for a ham, scalloped potatoes and veggies supper. We sat and visited and "harkened back" and had a lot of laughs. We did miss not having Tracy with us! Mark came over after work and helped me cook - bless his heart - work all day and still is energetic enough to cook. He searched the cupboards for a can of pineapple and brown sugar to put on the ham. . . I never thought of that! Nate & Deanie & J.D. sent a bouquet of fresh flowers - so perky! Mitch arrived at about 4:30 with a big hanging basket of flowers and they smelled so good. Before he left he straightened out the bent nail so the basket could hang safely! Photo of the hanging basket isn't good at all - but I stood in the doorway to take it - didn't have my shoes on, so couldn't step outside!

Chet and the sons took a friend of ours out to breakfast Saturday morning. This fellow picks Chet up for church and a weekly Bible study group. The four of them had a great time. Paul is 81 now, lost his wife a couple of months ago. Their two daughters live in Fort Wayne so he doesn't get to see them often. And I think a few hours with the guys did him a wealth of good. Mitch left for Louisville, KY about 10:30 to catch his flight back to Green Bay. Was great to see him, even if it was such a shoft visit.

We've had a lot of rain and everything is nice and green. I went out between the rain showers and had my hair colored on Tuesday. I'm envious of my sisters - see the photo and notice their lovely hair colors - all nature with them. My hair looks like a rusty, used Brillo Pad if I don't color them. This picture was taken a few years ago when I spent a week in Minnesota with the family. That was a great vacation for me but I do remember they wore me out quickly and I had to beg for Coke!

Wednesday I attended a quilt show, lecture and luncheon. Several ladies from my quilt guild went and it was enjoyable. I enjoyed the quilts on display, most of them were old. The luncheon was good, too. After we left the show we went to a quilt shop. No - I didn't buy any fabric but did find a pattern I want to make, so bought it. This will NOT be a scrappy looking quilt! I have a bundle of embossed cotton fabrics that are begging to be used and will start it sometime this week. I do need to find some solid black fabric to use with it.

I had an email from my long arm quilter, she has finished a quilt for me so we'll run up and get it one day this week.
Of course I have to have a quilty picture in my post - so here is a "multi" fabric quilt I made a while ago. Managed to use up a lot of odds and ends of fabrics - the lighter fabric is the same throughout the quilt. The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter at

Well folks - that's about it for this week. Again thanks to all of you for remembering my birthday. Have a good week and stay well. . . .


Amy said...

Happy Belated birthday! Good to hear all is well.

Renate said...

All my best wishes for you. Good to read you had a wonderful birthday.

J. D. said...

i hope you had a great birthday grandma!! love ya