Sunday, May 24, 2009

This & That

Not a lot to say about the past week! The usual running errands and so forth. Weather did get up into the low 80's and I don't think I'm ready for that yet. We did have a lot of rain again - it sure is green around here!
Last Sunday afternoon I went with a friend to a birthday party! I didn't know the fella, just went along for the ride. Did have a tasty piece of chocolate b'day cake and glass of ice tea. The ride was nice - I'd not been in this area before!
I did a bit of sewing this week - finished a purse but not happy with it! Can pitch that pattern! I also finished piecing the maple leaves table topper and have to hunt up some fabric for the borders and bindings.
We spent a few hours this afternoon with Mark, Tia & Tori and numerous other friends of his. Tia and Tori, and a friend named Jillian, arrived from Michigan on Friday late afternoon. They attended commencement ceremonies at North Decatur High School - this was Tori's class and they've kept in touch with many friends here. Tia had a party on Friday night at Mark's - a bonfire with about 15 friends there. Both girls have grown into such neat young ladies.

Tori will graduate on June 3rd, work this summer and start college classes in fall. Tia is finishing her sophomore year. They plan another visit here sometime during the summer. Tia in top photo and Tori in lower photo.

And this is Mark relaxing. We enjoy the pontoon boat. There is always a nice breeze on the lake.

Just had to snap a picture of the dog wearing a life jacket!

Last picture is just one of the beautiful homes on Lake Santee!

Must tell you about a movie - if you run across Taking Charlie - take time to see it. Very moving. (Keep a box of tissues nearby.) Another good movie that played a while ago - both on HBO - is August Rush. I may have to revise my favorite movies list - move down Dirty Dancing and Ferris Buehler's Day Off and put the other two on top!

Till next week - stay well and take care . . . . bye now

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Cyd said...

Louis has a life jacket too, I'll have to find a picture of him in it too! Nice looking grandaughters!