Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lovely Weather

Here we are at the end of the month and having lovely weather. It's so nice not to have to bundle up to run out to pick up the paper and the mail! I'd like to find someplace where it is in the low 70's all the time! Wouldn't that be grand - no AC or furnaces running! ! Chet's in 7th heaven doing the lawns - ours and the neighbors! We've managed to keep busy this week. I had a perm on Tuesday and had brunch with a friend on Wednesday and lunch with Mark on Friday. And of course the usual grocery store run. Before I went to lunch with Mark I bit the bullet and went to Wal Mart to pick up a few things. . . oh, I so dislike going there. The store was remodeled and now I can't find anything. . . I guess I don't go there often enough, eh?

Tracy and I chatted Monday night and all's as well as it can be there.

Mitch called Friday night while driving up to their cottage on the lake. He was going up to help his father-in-law with some trash hauling - last weekend they put a new roof on a building up there. While we were chatting three deer darted across the road - excitement a mother doesn't want to hear! All is well there, too. Mitch will be in Louisville, KY, on business late next week and decided to fly back a day later and some spend some time with us Friday night and part of Saturday.

Yesterday afternoon we went out to Mark's house - he hosted a Pirate theme party. I think there were between 45 and 50 people there - many in costumes - all sizes and ages. I came home with a tattoo transfer! I am not comfortable driving at night, so we left before dark and before the party got rowdy! Ahem!

Nate & Deanie were invited to Mark's party but they hadn't come by the time we left. So we need to contact him to tell them that Mitch will be here and they should plan to come, too.
I've kept busy at the sewing machine, The quilt shown is a "multi-fabric" baby quilt. I made it a while ago and just now got around to taking a picture. The back on this quilt is yellow with white polka dots - kind of perky!

I'm turning into a bag lady. These four purses were made this weekend. The first one is the same style as those I pictured last week. And the other three are from a pattern I found on the Internet. They are fun to do but after two it's a chore! I do like the perky colors - the white buttons are from my antique collection and the others are Wal Mart specials! ! !

Time to find something for our supper - so 'bye' till next week. . . .

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