Sunday, April 19, 2009

Uneventful Week

Another quiet week has passed. On Monday I went to Quilt Guild - I was so pathetically lazy and didn't even take anything for "Drag & Brag." We had a lesson on hand applique, try as I might, my leaves all look like they have a blight! Chatted with Tracy for quite a while and Mark stopped in briefly - he's always on the run. JD called - he was riding the bus to his apartment after classes.

It's "greening up" out of doors - see the ivy coming in around the birdbath. We don't put water in the birdbath - I usually have a plant of some type in there. Love the Ivy Geranium but they are difficult to find. But then I could get to the shops earlier, I guess! Can you tell I'm not a gardener - unlike the other sisters and brothers in my family! Chet mowed again this week - wasn't really necessary but he likes to ride around! He also does the neighbors yard - neighbor is in his 80's now and slowing down! This fella mowed our yard a couple of summers, so it's payback time! We have good neighbors and are thankful for them!

Our neighbor, Gary, (the one I keep trying to get to run away with me) has started heavy yard work - he trimmed one of the trees in his backyard yesterday. We have trees that need trimming but someone in this house seems to be anti-pruning! Won't he have an interesting look on his face when one of the bigger branches snap off during a storm this summer!

Niece Kelli (or was it Karri - I keep getting them mixed up) sent a photo of the quilt she just finished - isn't it gorgeous! Quilting keeps her and her mom busy quite a bit of the time and they both do lovely work. My quilting sisters make many donation quilts!

I decided to do the Small Quilts Talk (A Yahoo online group) challenge quilt - I'm late getting it done but thought I'd give it a whirl. Six blocks were more than enough for me. Each finished block measures only 4" - yes, it's a small one. Not too pleased with it - but it's finished and that's what counts!

Surfing the Internet for quilting and other sewing patterns seem to get me into trouble. I visit a blog and then they recommend another person's blog - and on and on it goes. I happened upon a fun and interesting one - and found a cute purse pattern there. I'm going to see if I can find some fabric and stitch it up. Also need to find some interfacing to give the bag a big of "beef"! I've added her website and also the to my blog lists. Many of my quilt patterns are from Quiltville. This gal also has a blog and tells of her travels around the country; she has a massive collection of sewing machines - just an interesting site to visit. I'm giving you fair warning - both of these sights can get you into trouble! But oh, so enjoyable!
Till next week - take care.

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