Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Greetings friends and relatives! I hope everyone is having a good relaxing day - and not over eating! No special plans here today. Mark stopped in yesterday with a pot of lovely white tulips! He's spending his day working at his home and getting ready for a party next weekend. Nate & Deanie & JD are spending the day with her family. Chatted with Tracy for quite a while the other evening - she's getting along fine. Kids are good and her work is hectic! Had an email from Mitch & Family - they didn't "say" anything but the photo below was attached. It's Paul after receiving awards for his participation in DECA. Congratulations Paul - we're very proud of you! (I'd like to say "doesn't he look just like Mitch" but I said that a couple of weeks ago, didn't I?) JD said he'd stop in for a while before he goes back to school, he had a five page English paper to write this weekend so imagine it'll be a very brief visit.

We had a slow and quiet week so I spent quite a bit of time sewing - made some Ditty Bags and a couple more baskets to take up to the beauty shop for my hairdresser to display. The little bags are so cute! I made six of them and two more fabric baskets. Such fun.

Continuing on my mission to use up fabrics in my stash, I started another big quilt. I've been working on it all week. Shown below are some of the blocks - unpressed! I have twenty finished and pressed and am working on another thirteen blocks this morning. I'm aiming for a total of 42 blocks - so the end is in sight. Will need to pull more fabric and cut more strips to get the last few blocks. This pattern is from Bonnie Hunter at I've decided to refer to my stash quilts as "multi fabric" quilts - it seems to sound more classy than "scrappy look"! Grinning big, here!

Back to my sewing corner - have a good week!

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J. D. said...

Wow Paul is getting so big!