Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here we are, half way through July already - where does time go! We were please to visit with Tia & Tori for a little while last week. They spent the week with Mark and had friends for sleep-overs and visited at their homes. Both girls have grown into nice, polite young ladies. I did manage to take a couple of pictures but am having difficulty getting them to show here.

Tracy & Family arrived on Monday night and left this morning at 4:00. Just spoke to her and they were within miles of home. The kids had a ball with kids in the neighborhood and were on the go all the time. They swam at the neighbors and at the city pool, played miniature golf (Tracy won) and went to the County Fair on Friday night. We spent an afternoon/evening out at Marks on the pontoon boat and the kids went tubing .

Mark & Jonathan Jeremy & Anna Grace

Tiffany, Tracy, Dan - the man at the helm and Mark. Jonathan and Jeremy on the tube.

Quilty Time! Each of the kids sat patiently at the sewing machine, watching it stitch out the embroidery design of their choice. Later we finished the embroideries into little pillow.

Then we had "choose a quilt" time. The stack of finished quilts was tipping over so each one choose a quilt to take with them. Tracy (shown with Jon) choose the Batik Maple Leaves with Flying Geese sashings and borders. You'll notice some areas of the border do not have the Flying Geese - that's cuz I just plain got tired of making them!

Mark (the husband/dad) admired a throw I have in the family room - Hour Glass design - and I just happen to have another in the stack - I call it Happy Hour Glass - love the perky colors in it. This throw was made from a fabric exchange we had in quilt guild. Tiffany (age 15) took the Girly-Girl colored piece - all pinks/greens/creams.

Jon (age 14) choose a Split 9 Patch and Anna Grace (age 8) took the bright yellow and blue Stack & Whack.

Jeremy (age 13) took a really scrappy look, also a Split 9 Patch design. This is the backside of Jeremy's quilt - I am trying to use up fabrics from my "solids bin". The difference between this quilt and Jon's quilt is the size of the block - Jeremy's is 6" and Jon's is 9" and it is "controlled scrappy" using only blues, burgandies and creams.

Each year we take a picture of all the kids in the neighborhood that come over to play. Amazing to see how they change.

Till next time. . . . Stay well.

(I've worked very hard to have everything in today's post line up nice and neat. For some reason, after I publish it it goes totally wacky. Perhaps some day I'll be able to master it.)

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Bobbie Bentneedle said...

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time, and everything looks pretty "lined up" from here!