Thursday, June 26, 2008

OOPS - Forgot something important

This gal is an important person in my life. She's my hairdresser, my therapist, my sister away from blood sisters and one of my favorite people.
Joann Mokanyk is the lady's name - and magic fingers are her fame!
Joann is a breast cancer survivor, heads up programs at a nearby hospital on a weekly basis and teachers Catechism at the local Catholic Church also on a weekly basis. She is a mom to three and grandmom to six.
She knits for "needy" kids - hats, gloves and scarves. I'm trying to talk her into taking up quilting but I don't think her schedule will allow it.
Joann is a good friend and I appreciate her more than words can say.
And only heaven knows what else she does.

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Margaret said...

Joann sounds like to lovely and lively lady Jo! Sorry, but I do not know how to whisper back in the chatroom!