Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy June 1st! Summer has arrived here in Indiana. The field that butts up to our backyard is now planted. I am hoping for corn, not soybeans! I like the sound of wind rustling through the blades on the corn stalks. (Can you tell I'm a farmers daughter?)

J.D. arrived after his four month visit with his mother in Arizona and is planning to attend Indiana University in the fall. Hope all goes well this time that he's able to go. He was gone four months and looks different. He stopped in for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.

Nate & Deanie stopped in to use the computer - he had to fill out some forms for his health insurance for work. We never did get to the site so he's stopping in the HR office first thing Monday morning.

Tracy called yesterday morning from WalMart where she was waiting at the deli counter. The family was going to take the boat out for a few hours and she was getting lunch. Sounded good to me. The food, I mean - not necessarily the boat trip.

And speaking of boats, we are going out to Mark's this afternoon for a pontoon ride. It should be lovely on the water. I don't mind a pontoon ride as it just slowly inches along! (Kind of the same way I walk). We'll go for our ride and have supper - he's a good cook! I'm only taking slaw and potato salad - from a deli of course!

Nothing new from Mitch in a couple of weeks - he's been traveling for the company. Gas prices are affecting their business, too.

And now I get to brag about my sewing. While waiting for the next Mystery Quilt Clue, I've been keeping the machine humming. I ripped apart a red/white/blue piece I did a while ago - Chet frowned when I showed it to him - think he was telling me that it looked too much like swastizkas. So apart it came and resewed it into what you see below. I think I'll dig out some navy fabric and add a border to it.

The next photo is a piece put together in a few hours. Had the segments all made and just had to sew them together.

These pink/brown/cream blocks are just two of the 12 I made yesterday and this morning. Another scrappy look quilt, the pattern is from The owner of that site has one in the same color combos, hope mine looks half as good as hers. I'll need to scrounge through the stash for sashing and border fabrics. Ah - so much sewing to do and so little time.

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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I love your Boxy Stars. All of your quilts are beautiful! Look forward to seeing more....
Regina in MI