Monday, May 26, 2008

This & That

Hello Family & Friends,

I've been pretty busy and avoiding posting recently. I hope you all enjoy reading our news and looking at my pictures.

We have lovely weather today but are expecting thunder storms by mid afternoon and into the evening. J.D. is flying in this evening from his visit with his Mom in Arizona. He will be staying with us for a few weeks. We are hoping he will be able to go to Indiana University in the Fall. To prepare for him using our extra room, I had to make room in a closet for some of my quilts. That was a real chore as there were over 20 big quilts to find a spot for. There is still a stack of smaller quilts in the room. Time to donate, I guess!

I've had the sewing machine humming away the past two days. Clue #5 of the mystery quilt was posted and I managed to finish the step for the two quilts I'm doing. The photo to the left goes with the block I posted earlier - the lime green star block. I made 30 of the lime green star blocks in an earlier step. For this step, I made 20 blocks, 18 half blocks (setting triangles) and 4 quarter blocks (for the corners). Are you confused? The more I look at these pieces the more I'm convinced I will be doing some tea dying to tone it down a bit.

Photo to the right shows the sections for the
second quilt - same as the one above, just a
different color scheme. I haven't taken a picture of the star block that goes with these pieces.
Many of you are probably wondering if my stash is being reduced - well, this should prove that it is!

Truthfully, I'm ready to pack a lot of the stash up and donate it to Good Will.

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